IGN - The Top 25 Wii Games

IGN - We count down the best of the best for Nintendo's system.

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Venox20082838d ago

hmmm... list is good, but I could add somewhere: Fatal frame IV, Silent Hill:shattered memories, Madworld, Rabbids go home, Excitebots, first no more heroes instead of desperate struggle..

nice to see Sin & punishment 2 and Warioware SM

LoaMcLoa2837d ago

They should've replaced Wii Sports Resort with any of the games you mentioned..

Espcecially SH:SM and Madworld, masterpieces!

DarkCharizard_2837d ago

The top 7 in this list is so good I couldn't agree with it more!!!

And no, Madworld is not a masterpiece.

Venox20082837d ago


Yes, it is! :D I would like Madworld 2 (not Anarchy reigns, but still I am waiting for it too)

and new Madworld 3DS!!! :)

Chidori2837d ago

This list is pretty good. Much better than the countdowns they have done in the past. I expect to see one more list made when Skyward Sword is released.

Madworld seriously is nothing spectacular. It's just a bloody mess, which does get old quickly. No More Heroes is a much better franchise if you were to compare the two.

sal772837d ago

I play madworld with all of the lights off and it turns my living room black and white like when NWO use to come out on WCW

Achtung2837d ago

No Silent Hill Shattered Memories=Fail

And what's up with the exclusion of Other M?

IGN is in the crapper...