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JBaby3433078d ago

I realize it's a teaser trailer but that was still disappointing. I wanted to see a little more. Still looking forward to this game.

ATi_Elite3078d ago

Dam that wasn't even a Tease!

showtimefolks3078d ago

and while i did have a blast with infamous 1-2 for prototype there were things i had a lot of fun with like the powers and speed and running on the walls and stuff few things just weren't as much fun

city was too small
graphics were ps2-ish
and the story sucked
and the ending really didn't do much since the story sucked

I hope with this new one things improve but from what i have seen they are keeping things about the same story wise and graphics don't look much better

for a game that will over 3 years od development i hope it pays off for devs and gamers but as of right now i have my doubts

Brownghost3076d ago

i only cared for the gameplay

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RyuCloudStrife3078d ago

that "teaser" made me feel like I was robbed...

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