The Making Of Mirror's Edge

NowGamer - Imagine you work for a videogames developer, one that is so renowned for a single, bestselling series that there’s a nice comfort zone to fall back on. Commercially, there’s no reason to push yourself. Creatively, that one guaranteed seller can be refreshed on a regular basis to critical applause.

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MagicAccent2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Interesting read.

But the gameplay wasn't such a leap of faith(pun! lololol) as I everybody seems to think. I mean, with the parkour going mainstream there was just no way for the game to flop big time..
The real gamble was focusing so much on gameplay and almost totally neglecting the story until very late in production. And even then, they had to slim it down.

The game just needed more fleshed out characters, a more interactive way of storytelling and much less 2d cutscenes, to be anything but a footnote in the history of gaming; "that parkour fps".