CVG - Far Cry 3: Ubisoft unleashes its tropic thunder

CVG - The Far Cry games don't share a common storyline (or even a common continent), but there is one thing that unites them all some of the most stunning open-world environments ever seen.

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treeson472834d ago

i'm kind of bummed they went back to tropical. this game looks cool and all, but i was really hoping they'd continue to explore new local's. i really wanted a mountain setting ala rambo 1. it would have been awesome if it was set up in alaska or somewhere along those lines geographically. would have had a lot of opportunities for cool wildlife too. sneaking up on a small cabin/safehouse amidst evergreens or redwoods in the snow would be awesome. they also could have implemented a meter for how cold you are, so you couldn't stay out too long without freezing or catching hypothermia. all around there could have been hunted style knife kills. and i would have loved to see bears or mountain lions thrown into the mix. the main villian in this far cry also looks like a douche compared to the main villian from 2. in the end i'll enjoy killing him at the least

treeson472834d ago

should say it does look like a throwback to far cry 1 though on pc. and i hope they bring back the bullet holes and blood splatter. (especially the blood in the water)

InNomeDiDio2834d ago

your my man today. I loved Far Cry 1 on PC and the blood effects in this game. I hope part 3 will stick to FC 1 and it's going to be awesome.

Triggs2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Hopefully Far Cry 3 would use professional voice actors, and larger/wider hitboxes.

Szarky2834d ago

Hopefully it won't be painful to play like Far Cry 2... was so excited for the game, left so disappointed (respawning enemies at checkpoints, I hate you)

MasterD9192834d ago

Hope they bring back the map editor.