All Your FPS Are Belong To On-Rails

VelocityGamer writes: A good FPS really makes it feel like you are in on the action. Bullets are flying, people are dying, and you're feeling the pressure to make your next checkpoint or remove the latest threat, and it all feels intense. But, you know, there really isn't much in the way of advancement along the lines that other games seem to be taking and I can't help but think that war games like these will soon be primed for a change.

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ATi_Elite3087d ago

Not mine! Mine are sandbox or open world either way i can approach a situation how i see fit from any side, any angle and generally never play the game the same way no matter how many times i finish it which was the strong point of Crysis 1 besides it's graphics.

The writer is correct though as most FPS are on rails, linear, and just way too scripted. That's always been cool for COD but other game Devs need to be more innovative although the "Hollywood Script" shooter has become a genre that many enjoy and even myself if done right.

Ducky3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

It's why I like stalker.
It's open and the game only ends when you die.

The problem with it is that the masses prefer the cinematic experience... and the big publishers follow the money trail.
Linear shooters can still be fun though. Half-Life series is a good example. A linear scripted path, but still manages to give the player options.

ATi_Elite3087d ago

Yeh I love STALKER and it's my favorite series!!! Can't wait for STALKER 2 and the death screams of The Zone!! Life's no fun without Summer Sausage and Vodka! LOL

HL2 was linear and scripted but it had many parts that were wide open like the Magnuson Device mission, the part where your stuck in the house.area with the Hunters, Ravenholm! but I guess HL2 had you doing so much stuff it didn't feel to linear unlike COD and others that virtually PUSH you through the game.

Hufandpuf3087d ago

"War is about choices, reactions, strategy, and sacrifices. "

That about sums up Battlefield's multiplayer, so why would I even need a singleplayer campaign?

ATi_Elite3087d ago

in case some drunk driver hits a pole a knocks out your Internet....but Oh crap now you gotta be online to play SP games...never mind!!

Hufandpuf3087d ago

How does that make sense. If my internet didn't work in BF2 I played against bots offline. If my internet got knocked out on my xbox I have other SP games to play: Bioshock, Fallout, Crysis, Mirror's Edge, Assassin's Creed. So I'm not worried at all.

IHateYouFanboys3087d ago

the majority of N4G thinks games that are virtually on-rails are the best games ever - Uncharted 1 and 2. never more than 1 way to go, never more than 1 way to get to that way to go, and no possibility for exploration or backtracking.

blackburn103087d ago

Are you trolling or something? What's your point? Why the hate for UC2?

BitbyDeath3087d ago

That's the problem with the N4G setup.
You can't go any lower than 1 Bubble so once people do reach that mark they often troll on purpose just for the Lolz

vyke33087d ago

what about gears, alan wake, cod, crysis 2, killzone, halo, or half-life? do they all suck?

InNomeDiDio3087d ago

That's why I play on PC. Always amazing to play Crysis the way you want.

Hockeydud193087d ago

That's not what the articles implying. It's talking about games that have you just shooting without a care in the world and that FPS's should take a more dramatic route

Hozi893087d ago

A more "choices to choose from" approach. I honestly think Fallout 3 is a great example...but that would make it an rpg so no...nvm.

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