CVG - Rayman Origins: Is it Rayman's time to shine again?

CVG - The problem with Rayman isn't his connection to the oft-hateful Rabbids, or the lack of flesh between his scary floating limbs. It's that no one's quite sure what he is.

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Venox20083082d ago

yes, yes, yes!!!! :)

btw: do you guys know if Rayman 3DS will come on the same date like others? or 2012 march?

LoaMcLoa3081d ago

I live in Europe and Rayman 3DS released here a long time ago.

Venox20083081d ago

I meant rayman origins 3ds

LoaMcLoa3081d ago

I didn't even know that this will be released for 3DS :O Guess it's the same date then.