New Haze Preview from Game1 Melbourne

MyGEN have gone hands on with Haze on the PS3 at Game1 in the Australian state of Melbourne. They state that, visually, it is obvious that this is not a game for immediate release. The screen is engulfed in aliasing, the framerate was unstable and textures were blatantly half done. Because this was a build of the game far from release, visuals presented can be disreguarded as a work in progress. It is still a shame that a more complete and stable build of the game wasn't on hand.

You will also find the Haze car and costume, it seems Ubisoft are really pushing this title.

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ruibing4926d ago

Sony should try to help Free Radical with their development problems (some tips from Insomniac and Naughty Dog wouldn't be a bad thing) so that we can get it this year in a good shape. I would hate to see a great game marred by graphical/performance issues.

xplosneer4926d ago

I thought it was coming December 4th! Or is this just for Australia?

Panthers4926d ago

I think they just got an earlier build, but who knows.

gtgcoolkid4926d ago

it sounds like an earlier build

onewinedangel4926d ago

i played the same build and its and pre-alpha build and it doesnt have thetexture streaming thats why it has fraMe rate issue and all that crappy texture cya

macsto4926d ago

I think the writer presumed it was an earily build because of how the game looked.

sa739174926d ago

Not that anyone really cares I guess.. but Melbourne is a city in the state of Victoria - its definitely not a state like the text above suggests :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.