Eight Things that Need to Happen in Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 has just recently been announced, and it's looking like it will be releasing at some point during the 2013 fiscal year. Of course, this means we could see it as early as April of 2012, but personally, my bet is on a holiday 2012 release. Either way, we've got a while to go before we get to play it. But as fans of the Borderlands series, we weren't able to just sit around idly and wait. Instead, we put together a wish list of the things that need to happen in Borderlands 2.

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WhiteLightning3081d ago

I really hope since the Vault hunters are just NPC's in this game that they will make them playable in DLC which will lead onto a bigger story in Borderlands 3.....maybe make the DLC have an amazing cliffhanger to set the events of Borderlands 3 up