Square Enix To Drop "Enix" From Their Name, In A Re-branding Effort?

Dual Pixels - Earlier today, it was discovered that Square Enix had filed for a trademark of the name "Square" which cites the many methods of video game publishing we see in the video game industry today. We initially thought that this could possibly be a new console/platform of sorts that Square Enix is developing but upon further investigation, it seems Square Enix is pursuing a re-branding effort as "Square".

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PirateThom3085d ago

You can't just recapture the magic with a rebranding.

FanOfGaming3085d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself sir !

blumatt3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Too bad the name isn't going back to Squaresoft. You know, the days back when Final Fantasy games were awesome. Final Fantasy 8: You will always be my favorite game of all time!! Over 100 hours put in and I never was able to beat Ultimecia. haha Of course, I was only like 10 years old.

I rebought FF 8 via PSN and have played about 1/3 of the way through it again. Sooo much nostalgia. Squall is the man.

I seriously hope that Final Fantasy Versus 13 makes me fall in love with FF games all over again. It looks good so far, but I hope we see some gameplay and a confirmation of exclusivity at TGS 2011.

Abash3085d ago

At this rate this company will have a new name every gen.

gaffyh3085d ago

@blumatt - Preparation is key in FFs, Ultimecia was quite hard, but I managed to beat her. The things that were impossible were the stupid marlboros that I was killing to try and get Doomtrain, which I never got (nicked my friend's save).

blumatt3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Yeah, lol. Well, when I played it back in the day, I had cheated and got all the GFs, including the beast: Eden. (About wore the square button out tapping like a madman. haha) However, I still wasn't able to beat her. I beat her to the 3rd form. I never was able to kill her in her 3rd form.

But when I've been playing the PSN version, I've had to do it all by the book, no cheating. BUT, I still have the original strategy guide for the game and have been using that. I bet it's worth some money.

badz1493085d ago

not just Enix, drop Wada as well! he's driving SE to the coffin!

nanometric3085d ago

Man, you guys are noob’s j/k
But seriously, I got all the GF’s in FF8, no cheating, just playing. I also defeated that ultimawhatever, now that was a tough battle. I hated that death lvl 3 spell it launched, which whiped my whole team in one go. Ultimately, I somehow managed to beat it using one of those cards from the card game, which gives you constant overdrive attacks or whatever they are called. I too was about 10 or 12 at the time. My favorite FF to this date, prolly ’cuz it was my first experience with FF games.

R.I.P Squaresoft, I will always miss you ;(

zeeshan3085d ago

I swear I was going to write the same thingas PirateThom did but he did beat me to it! :)

Yes, I 100% agree (hence the +bubble for Thom). Rebranding will do shit as long as you keep producing half baked goodies! You can name your company Hola Bola Tola and we won't care as long as you make quality games man!!

RedDevils3084d ago

even if they change their name to Level 5 I still not gonna buy their game, maybe versus but then again I will wait for the verdict from people that play to even buy it

laaakokaracha3084d ago

They should name the company, SqaureMultiPlatform

Gray-Fox-Type03084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Ultimecia was hard? looool damn noobs these days easy boos can be owned like 5mins. Lion Heart ftw. If you having trouble with this easy boss means you have not prepared enough as if you cant do that forget it about Omega Weapon..Now that is a nightmare beat it though.

guitar_nerd_233084d ago


I think lots of auras and lots of Rezuckin... Squalls limit was the trick for me.

xtheownerzx3084d ago

Squaresuck sounds really good to me anyone else?

Scrooge3084d ago

I owe Squaresoft my gratitude for contributing so many of my childhood memories. Secret of Mana really took me on an adventure.

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TheHater3085d ago

they will NEVER recapture the magic SQUARE had with the Final Fantasy titles and other GREAT GREAT GREAT JRPG's

RedDead3085d ago

SQUARE...SOFT you mean?

TheHater3085d ago

lol...I mean SQUARE SOFT....My anger haz failz me :)

Dasteru3085d ago

@RedDeadDestroyer Square was actually the original name of the company in japan, Squaresoft was the north american subsidiary that was started in 1989 6 years after the main company was founded. The first 2 final fantasy games released in 87 & 88, before squaresoft was founded.

Spenok3084d ago

So your saying its IMPOSSIBLE for them to learn from their mistakes and start putting out games like the ones they used too?

Sounds like someone didnt think.

So lets disect it a little bit shall we?

First off, the thing you will notice this generation is how much people say they hate Turn based RPG's. Every time i see an article about an RPG, and its turn based, i usually see some sort of bitching after it. Also all the "BEST" FF's were ALL turn based. (note: im using this in relation to people saying they started going downhill after they merged with Enix... IE after FF9)

On that turn based note the easiest way to show that people dont like turn based anymore is to simply look at Lost Odyssey, not made by SE, but it was turn based and it sold like shit, IMO it is the best RPG this gen.

Second this generation is filled with hate. This site has nothing but hate for just about anything. If it's Sony, M$ as a lot of people like to call them, or even Nintendo reciently. SE has been the focus lately since the launch of XIV was really bad. As well as XIII being "LINEAR."

Third their games have actually been selling quite well. Obviously not including XIV. I could do all the research but you can do that yourself. But XIII selling upwards of 5 million is great in my book. Yeah people say they hated that game, but the only place ive seen hate for it was online, and online alone, i have litterally not talked to one person in the flesh say they hated the game. They may have had some gripes with it, but ultimately enjoyed it... and lately i have started to notice more people defending it online as well. The game wasnt the best FF ever, no, but it also wasnt what people on this site claim it to be.

I could continue if you would like, and obviously a lot of this is opinion, but a lot at the same time is just observation of what i have seen. And a little bit of ranting over ignorant comments like this one.

Sure in your eyes there is no way for them to recapture the magic of past games and of your youth, but games were very different back then. The development process was very different back then. Things are much different then they used to be. Take it in stride, and take off your nostalgia glasses and look at the industry as a whole. Hell, even Mario has changed dramatically from what he used to be, just like shooters have changed, or action adventure games.

Well, sorry for the rant, if i was offensive i appologise....

guitar_nerd_233084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )


I would tell you I was hugely disapointed with FF13 in the flesh. I think the sales figures for it arn't a fair reflection as I bet many people like me bought it without thinking as an utter safe bet of a great game (as they always have been).

I think what will be more telling is initial sales period for FF13-2 to see how that is changed. I for one and definatly consider myself a heavy-weight FF fan will be reading reviews and renting first.

I totally agree however about Lost Oddysey and with what I think your implying about the turn based system that they started to lose their edge when they had to try and move on from the formula.

As for returning to former glory, I think/hope they will sooner rather than later but it will be a rebirth more than a revival- as for me at least without Nobuo's melodies glueing the thing together and a hint of Sakaguchi's unique and often odd scenario, it will never have the feel of a what I shall now call 'Classical Final Fantasy' meaning 4 through 10 (Although I did like 12). Lost Oddysey obviously did have these two legends and I felt did have this feel- by the bucket-load. I've only played the intro of the Jap version and listened to the soundtrack but I think the Last Story will too.


(I'm not even sorry for those caps :P )

Micro_Sony3084d ago

I agree.

Also if MS were smart they would have purchased Mistwalker studios give them a huge budget and a bigger team and have them release some JRPG.

Lost Odyssey was 10x better than FF13.

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zerocrossing3085d ago

SquareEnix as they stand now, are nothing but a shadow of their former selves. (sigh)

But imagine If the games did suddenly get better, lol.

jke823084d ago

renameing yourself doesnt make the shit garbage you pump out nowadays change in the slightest.......its still crap regardless the brand its under

I LOVE GAMES3085d ago

Square Enix To Drop "Enix" From Their Name, In A Re-branding Effort?

http://www.worldstopbrands.... :)

then :)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3085d ago

Best part about this was how the game cover says "Square Enix" still. LOL

Undeadwolfy3084d ago

Never played a FF game. My friend is like an Uber FF fan and he really says I should play it but I like to play games in order. I have that problem and fear that I would have to start ALL the way from the beginning.

I am however an Uber MGS fan and keep trying to get my friend to play it, but I s**t you not, his reason is because of too many cutscenes lol.

Are there any FF fans that can think of great reasons that I should play any of these games?

DragonKnight3084d ago

@I LOVE GAMES: Watch this.

@Undeadwolfy: Too many reasons to go into with so limited characters that N4G offers. Essentially, the games up to FFX are pinnacles of story, character, art, and music. The older games like FFIV and FFVI in particular are masterpieces even today. You owe it to yourself to try them out. Don't be discouraged if you don't care for 16 bit graphics, just remember that those were impressive graphics for the time.

Peaceful_Jelly3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

FF games are basically the pinnacle of Jrpg's (or at least they used to be), that's my reason. And to be honest, you can start on FFIV because the first 3 doesn't even have a story and are so archaic they are unplayable.

In my opinion the best are FFIV, FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX and FFX. FFIX and FFX are very noob friendly, so these 2 are a good start for beginners and FFVII is the best but the graphics aged the worst. That's why people want this game to be remade.

FF games share the same name but they are all different games with different stories in different worlds so you can play them in any order you want.

terrorofdeath3084d ago

Why not just add a "Soft" while they doing this.

JakeW3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

While great, FF games were no pinnacles, apart from their production values, most of which went into cgs. Best jrpgs made back then were the dream teams' Chrono Trigger, Suikodens and Xenogears. Others like the original Grandia, Secret of Mana, Terranigma and Star Ocean were easily just as good.

Xg had the best art hands down, the char avatars were outstanding, Suikoden or Chrono soundtracks were head and shoulders above any of the midi stuff in any FFs, and stories were either on par or better as well in many jrpgs, nothing comes close to Xg or Ct though.

They were all great games though.

Dasteru3084d ago

@Undeadwolfy, The FF games are all completely unique except X & X-2. You won't be missing anything by not playing them in order.

Undeadwolfy3084d ago

Thanks all for the help guys. Bubs+

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Finalfantasykid3085d ago

It might if Yoichi Wade decides to resign at the same time.

3085d ago Replies(2)
Ingram3085d ago

So this is their fix?
My god this is getting so funny! they're so absurdly disconnected from their own feet it's hilarious!

chidori6663085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

i hope square return for your glory days of PS1 game like xenogears,FF9 and others games...

ps: bring back the name "Squaresoft"

3085d ago
Abriael3084d ago

It's called defensive trademarking. Strange that they didn't do it before. Nothing to see here.

Pozzle3084d ago

Also, isn't it sort of disrespectful for them to completely ignore the "Enix" part of the company?

It's like "haha! We bought your company, now we're going to completely ignore that it even exists!"

zeddy3084d ago

ff games with square enix are too comlicated especially the stories, dont know if thats a culture thing in japan but the stories get very tedious. in the end its always going to be your're the bad guys, where the good guys, where going to kill you. ff8 had a great story not to complicated yet easy to understand, go back the old ways sqaure.

snipes1013084d ago

I think the point is not "recapturing the magic" but trying to rid itself of the name that pushed so many mediocre games out the door. Perhaps a rebranding will motivate them to treat their name with some respect this time.

ShadowJetX3084d ago

Personally, I don't think it's rebranding. If memory serves me right, Square had to merge with Enix after they made spirits within, since that mediocre movie put them into the pits. Perhaps it's a separation or dissolving of the Enix part of the company.

Bebedora3084d ago

Talk about being desperate

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Ahasverus3085d ago

To be honest, the "Enix" part was my favourite one :S

Peaceful_Jelly3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Enix has the majority of shares within the company, which mean that it was them who ruined Square by appointing Wada as the new president. Most of the people that made Square left the company because they didn't like the new management and the only ones left are Toriyama (crappy writer and director, untalented to the extreme), Kitase (he was good director but now he's only a producer) and Nomura (the only decent talent left in the company)...

jc485733085d ago

I don't understand a single word you just said.

PrettyinPurple3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

You mean after Sakaguchi had to step down because no one liked The Spirits Within? (becuase it didn't have japanese girls with big tits and materia), and almost made Square bankrupt after owing Sony so much money?

3085d ago
iamtehpwn3085d ago

You said it. The problem Square isn't just the management like Wada, it's that they lack the quality director's they used have. Toriyama first big Final Fantasy that he directed was X-2..I think that speaks volumes about him.

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Ahasverus3085d ago

I didn't like what "Enix" mean, I like how it sounds, sorry :P

NatureOfLogic3085d ago

Enix have made some really good games in the past.

phinch3085d ago

how about just give it back to square soft

VampiricDragon3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Its not a terrible idea.........

square is what anyone cares about

And contrary to haters square has put out many phenomenal games this gen ( mostly jrpgs) on handhelds

And they have alot of great games coming (that we know about)

highlighted by dragon quest X

Eidos wasnt a bad move. But they make 50 percent quality and 50 percent crap and it drowns out alot of the great stuff coming out of japan

The truth is square is set to have a HUGE TGS perhaps the biggest of any company

Servbot413085d ago

You say Square is the only part that anyone cares about, but then go on to state that Dragon Quest is the highlight of their "phenomenal" games this gen, which was (is) an Enix property. Wouldn't it be the other way the round? Is your blind hate for the merger (which I agree, was the beginning of the end) clouding your judgement, because as I see it, every Square property that existed before the merger has been crap since the merger.

OC_MurphysLaw3085d ago

When Square picked up Eidos I think it was a step in the right direction for them. A name change alone won't turn things around, but smart moves like the Eidos one will.

Mario4life3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

and on top of it they might be reviving the new True Crime game :)

Ducky3085d ago

Eidos is the only reason I care about Square, as Eidos has actually made some pretty awesome games this gen.