Two-4-One Blu-ray deal on

Today began a new promotions offering a buy one, get one free deal for select Sony and Disney Blu-ray titles. The promotions are separate. If you buy one title from Sony's selection, the free film must come from Sony as well.

All together Amazon is offering 100 movie titles, 72 from Sony, and 28 from Disney.

The Sony promotion includes big blockbuster films such as "Casino Royale", "Open Season", "Memento", and "Silent Hill". Disney titles include, "The Prestige", "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest", and "Invincible".

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shmee4934d ago

NIELSON numbers give an indication that it is over for HD DVD

with RATATOUILLE and CARS the war of formats will be over this year by december 2007

Bonsai12144934d ago

it is a good find. too bad planet earth isn't included.. haha. i would gobble that up in a second.

am i the only one who's tired of seeing blu-ray vs hd-dvd stories pop up every other hour? it seems like 1/4 of the news published these days is, "analyst says this" and "numbers say this" and frankly its getting annoying. lets not get started on certain contributers who probably sit around at a computer all day looking for anti-bluray news or anti-hddvd news...

Leon_Blu4934d ago

ahaha so nice ;D Blu-ray has always sweet deals. Thanks mayne.

Seraphim4934d ago

good deal but unfortunately there's nothing I'd be interested in that I don't already have... Pirates 1 & 2, check, The Prestige, check, Casino Royale, check... Not really anything worth getting in my book... then again I'm really picky when it comes to which movies I buy... I Was hoping, though doubtful, to find Ratatouille on that list cause I've been tempted to buy it... oh well...

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xplosneer4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

Is that when clicking the link to go to the Disney titles it gave me a 40GB PS3 ad. LOL.
Even better is the deal, it's two for one and the movies are $10 off as well!

Jpinter4934d ago

There are some great movies on that list. I myself will probably get Memento, Fifth Element, and probably the Pirate movies.

gamesblow4934d ago

I just bought 6 blu-ray movies from Amazon thanks to this deal. "ha" I only got 2 off the promotion, though. I bought The shinning and 3 others. Go Blu-ray in my house this Tuesday!

shmee4934d ago

BD is murdering HD DVD with SPIDEY 3.

next week theres even more carnage with Ratatouille and Cars in NA and ofcourse not to even mention EUROPE where BD is already the victor.

BD will be declared the winner by the end of this month in NA too.

MARK my words

Snukadaman4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

They have plenty of copies..this deal is quite good...but how long can they keep up with those new hd-dvd owners......those 199$ hd-dvd players are commonplace deal blu-ray has is a 1080P player for 499$ with a free 100 dollar gift card...which puts it at 399$..but any saavy person would rather get a ps3 that can be upgraded on psn.

ReBurn4934d ago

Just added the two available Pirates movies to my Blu-ray collection. The Sony collection kinda sucks.

gtgcoolkid4934d ago

Casino Royale
Fifth Element
Layer Cake
Donnie Brasco
Knight's Tale
Pursuit of Happyness

There are some good movies in the sony collection too. Although agreed that disney has some heavy hitters in there.

ReBurn4934d ago

Yeah, I guess I should have said that it sucks from my perspective. I already have a lot of the good ones, and there are a few stinkers in there.

Tru_Blu4934d ago

I got black hawk down and talladega from the sony side. It's a matter of opinion but I think those are good movies

fopums4934d ago

gotta love Layer Cake, such an awesome flick...

Grassroots4934d ago

Layer Cake is brilliant. Great Flick!

Tru_Blu4934d ago

Haven't seen layer cake yet. I'll put that in my netfix queue and check it out.

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