Attention PC Gamers: No Time To Explain Is Out Now

DSOGaming writes: "Attention PC gamers and fans of MeatBoy because another crazy boy is right now in town. In case you were unaware of, meet TinyBuildGames and their latest indie platform game, No Time To Explain. The game has just been released on the PC, while the Mac and Linux version will come out pretty soon."

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limewax3938d ago

It's Episodic? what happened TinyBuildGames? Being just a chapter overpriced, especially as an indie game

ReservoirDog3163938d ago

But they said the second season is free if you buy the first one in the trailer?

limewax3937d ago

Really? my bad man, In that case I will go check it out

kesvalk3938d ago

that trailer was so random...

Harelgur3938d ago

I am you from the future, there's no time to explain!