How was the Uncharted demo?

From PS3 Fanboy:

"One item that did stand out in the weekly PS Store update was the Uncharted demo. We want to know what you guys thought of it. Be honest, as it is always the best policy when dealing with the long arm of the law."

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C_SoL4932d ago

it's a great month for gamers....

Sevir044932d ago

i was taken to a new level of graphic fidelity and game play. akin to the day i played Gears on my friends xbox 360 for the first time. break through graphics, breakthrough AI, and breakthrough game play. unmatched fun, and totally unparalleled animations, completely fluid and believable, the most emotional and grippingly enthralling characters i've ever seen since Heavenly Sword, you cant help but be amazed at how the believable the characters are, you see every emotion, and can't help but feel it with them, you become frantic when gun play gets out of hand and when you flinch, it's not like the generic 3rd person shooters even so like gears... you dont really flinch when the locus are firing much. it's almost perfection, making it only longing to have more weight in feeling a bit heavy. drake some what feels a little floaty. still it's amazing, and breakthrough in almost breakthrough in every way.

and the Story is just amazing and and very cinematic. and the water physics and rendering is just amazing and traversing through water looks and feel like you are traversing through water with amazingly accurate physics and weight displacement, and animation match completely.

just mind-blowing this is the PS3's game to show what it's truly capable of showing of graphics and game play, story telling and being addictive much the way gears was for the 360, amazing, and has AAA stamped all over it. while ratchet was awesome and was great at leveraging the PS3's hardware, and COD4 shows 3rd devs how to do multiplats for the PS3, this is totally owning everyone much the same way gears owned devs for the 360 for most of it's first year, that is untill lair's graphics showed up then HS and THEN ratchet, and COD4 and NOW This.

and killzone2 will do just that but thats next years game.

Timesplitter144932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

Well to be honest I was really waiting for this game but I was disappointed. I have that feeling that everything's too scripted, especially the environments (tree walls, etc....) and I thought the gunplay was kinda boring

Tabasco4931d ago

yes i agree, I'm a huge playstation guy but i was definitely disappointed after playing it. It looked great but didn't have that open feeling i expected it to have. Plus the controls i though were horrible and the game play wasn't all that fun.

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squallsoft4932d ago

looks like alot of ppl liked it XD i know i did

THE_JUDGE4931d ago

I liked it also. The story really drug me in. I just wish that I had the whole game so I could continue the story. It was crazy how they just faded the demo out unlike R&C who left you with a cliff hanger. I can't make up my mind on what looked better Uncharted or CD:4.

wil4hire4932d ago

calling it terrible.

Now, I do believe that some people may think the game is terrible... But no one into adventure/shooters will think its terrible.

Sports fans will probably think there is too much variety..

m91058264932d ago

lol, comment accentuated by the face that there's a R&C commercial on right now.

gamesblow4932d ago

It is hands down the best next gen experience so far. Easily. This is, as I said in my blog, not a game.. it's an experience. Gears of War was a game. R&C wasa game... Uncharted is an experience. It isn't any 1 thing that makes it spectacular... it's everything brought together. The acting, the scripting, the graphics, the gameplay... the setting. The tone. Everything is just spot on for the 1st time here.

The only other time I thought or felt this way was back in 1997 when I 1st got my hands on Resident Evil on the playstation. I thought it couldn't get better. I was immersed 100%. This is the only other time that's happened and it was a demo. "ha"

vilmer4932d ago

I couldn't agree with you more.

doomsonyman4932d ago

i still say your a 360 fanboy gamesblow the things you said to sony on there blog just proves how lame you are

gamesblow4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

I'm Gamesblow, man. Well known, super smash hit successful forum poster. 98% approved, Jackson. You better make sure it's even me to begin with. I have like 4 people running around parading like they're me. Go to Gamefaqs and you'll see someone named Gameblows. That's not me. It's someone trying to be me. They fail miserably at it too. I have people messaging me all the time on myblogsite about seeing me somewhere else in the videogame posting realm. 8x's out of 10, it's not me. I only come here, my blog and the Sony forums now, cause I've been banned everywhere else for my 100% unbiased behavior.

xplosneer4932d ago

Yes, very very awesome. Especially the punch animations, I took so many people out so many ways, and the difficulty seems perfect. Hard is just that-hard.