Nielsan Videoscan Numbers For Week Ending Nov 4th. BD Slaughters HD-DVD.

These are numbers for the HD (HD-DVD & BD) Software sold in the week ending nov 4th. They release their numbers by ratios. So therefore the top title gets 100% and from there on you get the other numbers as a fraction of the top title. Only one HD-DVD title was found in the top ten.

1. Spider-Man 3 BD 100.00
2. Spider-Man: The High Definition Trilogy BD 71.95
3. Transformers HD 31.42
4. Meet the Robinsons BD 8.82
5. 300 BD 6.56
6. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer BD 5.03
7. License to Wed BD 4.24
8. The Shining BD 4.11
9. Mr. Brooks BD 4.03
10. 2001: A Space Odyssey BD 3.88

Based on the fact that Spider-Man 3 BD sold approx 130,000 you can get the other numbers.

1. SM3 130,000
2. SMT 130,000 * .7195 = 93535
3. Transformers 130,000 * .3142 = 40846

And so on.

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MK_Red4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

"Only one HD-DVD title was found in the top ten" wow, and they said HD-DVD was on the roll...
Damn Paramount, if they hadn't done that stupid thing, this would have been 10/10 Blu and the war could have been over and we could happily live in a one format world.

"Disney's two blockbusters aren't included " Wow, Cars and Ratatoiulle wasn't even considered for the list. And Pirates isn't even coming this month...

gtgcoolkid4930d ago

For the Ratatouille, Cars, etc we will have to wait till end of next week for the week ending today Nov 11th. Also you are correct, if transformers was in neutral, that would also be selling more on BD as seen by the neutral titles (300, shining, odyssey, etc.) which are selling more on BD than on HD-DVD.

demolitionX4930d ago

I believe Ratatouille will even sell more than spidy!

Fisher3394930d ago

i wish this stupid war was over...

Marceles4930d ago

Yeah I'm surprised Meet the Robinsons is the one Disney movie that's up there.

mark094930d ago

If MS didnt buy paramount out as a timed HD-DVD supporter then this war would have been over by now... but i think by next year they will be allowed to produce movies on bluray as well and then it should all be over.

blusoops4930d ago

actually it was Toshiba that paid Paramount for 18months of exclusivity

shmee4930d ago

RATATOUILLE and CARS will easily surpass SPIDERMAN 3

GEEZ only 1 HD DVD title in top 10 . can you even imagine the sate of despair for HD DVD in Japan and EU where BD might have easily outsold it 20:1

for HD DVD camp i think this is just over. They should give up NOW rather than incurring huge financial losses

mark094930d ago

your right it is toshibas format but microsoft is their biggest "supporter". And really they are only supporting it so that bluray didnt take over right away which would make the ps3 the #1 choice to buy for all HD movie needs. Thats what I think.

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ruibing4930d ago

Strange that HD-DVD fans are nowhere to be found for this thread...

trane0074930d ago

And the xbots round peg and bloodmask were SCRAMBLING HARD for some negative blu-ray news today.

"warner bros drops blu-ray license!!!" (false)
"sony digs grave for blu-ray!!!" (bullsh!t)
"hd-dvd is winning! We swear!!" (yeah...okay)

jackfatal4930d ago

exactly wat i was saying!!
this bloodmask need to play more his x360!! whoa wait.... his one is broken!! ahaa so i get it now!!

Mikey_Gee4930d ago

I have a 360, and last time I looked, I did not have an HD-DVD player in my machine ?? So how does this affect me in a negative way ???

It does not !!

I am still holding off to see who FOR SURE wins. Once I know BR wins, a PS3 will be in my house. How can you beat a BR player and game machine for $399??

But please ... don't always bring $hit back to the 360 and assume that all 360 owners are HD-DVD owners and want HD-DVD to win. As I said, I really do not care. I just want ONE OF THEM to hurry up and win so I can buy the player of the winner.


razer4930d ago

I love how they never post the DVD numbers when talking about these formats. Because then you would see how very little both these formats sell compared.. It's like a Wii azz kicking X 100.

Whoooop4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

The thing is we are not talking about DVD, soo shut it. ;)

and it's still an @ss kicking...

EDIT: haha xbots are priceless...

razer4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

we are talking about Videoscan numbers here which also includes DVD.. To be honest I could care either way since I don't buy into either formats.

ActionBastard4930d ago

That's all you got? DVD? Sad, so sad. Doesn't change the ass kicking HD DVD is getting handed.

testerg354930d ago

and everytime 360 beats PS3 in sales, all PS3 fans say is "look at PS2 beating the 360". Guess it works both ways.

shmee4930d ago

PS3 beats x360 in terms of sales in Japan and EU


NA is where x360 has an advantage but you know it better than i do that ps3 wil rule NA in the upcoming months for sure

PS3 is dominating JAPAN as we speak

the low priced white ps3 is doing wonders in JAPAN and we all knew it

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razer4930d ago

don't stoop down to the pityful level the PS3 fanboys have and start connecting the GAME console that is the 360 to these movie jerk-offs..

Sony is the one who took it's sheep into the movie format war. I glad MS has stayed out of it for the most part.

Xbox is the BEST4930d ago

all you want guys it's the facts.