The PS3: Evaluating the System After One Year

Paul Munn of Aeropause looks at the Playstation 3 after one year on the market and points out its successes and its failures. Paul also points to the future and its chances of success as a console after the holiday season.

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scrillakiller4591d ago

the ps3 is afraid be very afraid

ArduousAndy4591d ago

i work at the game stop here in miami florida. And today i got 3 ps3 that all had the same problem. They would turn on fine then just immediately turn off. Is this a common occurrence? I did notice the system was dusty.

Mikey_Gee4591d ago

But I had two friends with PS3 issues. The issue you explained was one and the other issue with my other buds was the BR drive accepting the dics but then just makeing a weird noise like it wanted to read, then even spaced CLICKS.

It was very weird.

Mycococo4591d ago

but for now i will be playing orange box, halo3, bioshock, and skate on my new halo3 edition xbox.
i bought the ps3 at launch and had 12 disc games. only rfm and motostorm were playable. sony keeps pushing things back to next year so i will repurchase when i see that sony has got its act together.
i wiped she sheeit out of my eyes that sony threw at me and sold the beautiful paperweight for a real gaming console.

randomGuyOnline4591d ago

@Mikey_Gee That sound may be coming from the Hard drive.

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PirateThom4591d ago

While I'm sure Sony wish it had done better, for the most part I see nothing wrong with PS3 sales.

On par with the 360 which had no competition and supply issues and a lot more expensive with a lot of dry periods, I don't think it could realistically have done better than it has.

BLlNK4591d ago

It is deffenetly on par with the first year of 360 sales. And as you said 360 had no competition. The way I see it is all the games that were on PS2 and made that console thrive (ie. Buzz, Singstar) which are extremely popular casual games, will settle a nice little competition with Wii in that department. And dont forget about the other hundreds of Hardvore games.

360 fanboys please dont disagree with me. I am pretty sure you guys were happy PS2 owners and should know what I am talking about. I too got a 360 at launch and love it. Then got Wii and PS3 at launch as well. I am a gamer. We just have to be logical on this.

And if you hated the PS2 then I don't understand you. It was an amazing console. And I love the PS360Wii.

ActionBastard4591d ago (Edited 4591d ago )

The GC sold 1 million consoles less the Xbox 1. It wasn't as much a failure as people like to think. Well, at least not as full of fail as your comment. Keep trying though.

Danja4591d ago

to add ur comment the Gamecube is currently still selling in parts of the world..can he say the same for the original xbox...

the only console that flopped last gen was the Dreamcast...

the PS3 sold well for a $600 console..I doubt the 360 would have survived had it launched at the same price.....

Bubble Buddy4591d ago

and 350 didn't even have competition from wii or ps3. imagine it came out all at the same time...

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The story is too old to be commented.