Follow the Gamescom PlayStation Conference Live with IGN

Sony is at Gamescom, and announcements for both PlayStation 3 and Vita are expected. Tune-in to IGN on Tuesday, August 16th at 10am PST to follow all of the action on our live blog, which will chronicle the events of the Sony Gamescom Press Conference as they happen.

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darfreeze2836d ago

Why is it in the PC section?

Sticky__Rice2836d ago

Maybe because you can watch it on your pc? Im not being sarcastic.. just a guess lol

gw4k2836d ago

Could you cool kids watch it and let me know what happens?

Sticky__Rice2836d ago

I'm watching through facebook; here's the link; You'll see the countdown on the video.

gumgum992836d ago

holy s**, 2 minutes left?!

Talking about right on time. ^_^