TotallyPS3: WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 7/10

A lot of the time, we tend to base our opinions on wrestling games by the quality of the Afro haircut they have in the CAW (Create-a-wrestler) mode. For example, Legends of Wrestling didn't have one...

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MK_Red4928d ago

SvR 2006 was a superb game. 2007 was good but now it feels really old. They've become kinda like Tony Hawk. PS3 and 360 have great potential but these wrestling games are not using them properly IMO. Still, SvR 2008 has legion of fans. Hope they enjoy it.

xplosneer4928d ago

Hopefully something like Skate comes and blows them away.

MK_Red4928d ago

True. Wrestling games need a revamp, something like Skate of this genre.

Agente474927d ago

This gaming looks pretty boring to me.