X-Play's Assassin's Creed Behind-the-Scenes Interview

X-Play talks to Jade Raymond and goes behind the scenes on one of this year's most anticipated games, Assassin's Creed.

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smirx4354d ago

That producer Jade Raymond is hot! Maybe I'll go work for Ubisoft....

TheHater4354d ago

Yes She is very hot. But not even she is enough to make me for them. unless they need someone to manage there servers.

MySwordIsHeavenly4354d ago she really isn't.

Did you watch that video?

smirx4353d ago

yeah... and I thought she was hot/ different taste in women I suppose.

doomsonyman4354d ago

yes it is true that jade raymond is hot although she didn't look her best in that video. anyway assassins creed is a great game for ps3 owners. i will be picking it up along with haze and uncharted