Neverwinter Online Delayed

The released date for the upcoming MMORPG Neverwinter Online was pushed back today from sometime in 2011 all the way to late 2012. Due to the recent purchase of Cryptic Studios by Perfect World Entertainment, Neverwinter Online would be pushed back so that the game could be worked on more.

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ATi_Elite2836d ago

Good cause there are way too many coming out here very soon.

Some quality titles are gonna get drowned by the wave of games releasing so pushing it back is a good thing!

sonicsidewinder2835d ago

Didnt like the original NWN. The D&D mechanics were great, but the game itself was terd.

Lets see how this fares cus i wasn't so crazy about D&D:Online.

Myst2835d ago

Well this is interesting and quite the surprise.

Pro_TactX2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Neverwinter Online? When did that happen, and why was I not informed?

The internet has failed me.

Tony P2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

A few months back it was announced.

Also, it's not an MMO. It's a co-op.

There are a few things wrongly assumed by this article, I think (unless Cryptic changed things up).

DeadlyFire2834d ago

Its never been MMO as far as I can tell a MMO doesn't give you character driven story. Which are clearly outlined on the neverwinter site.

This purchase could change the game entirely though. Never know.