SCEE CEO Jim Ryan talks about the PS Vita - Release Date at the GamesCom?

The next president and chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe talks exclusively in an interview about the PS Vita.

PlayStation Vita will be at the centre of the show in Germany. Look out for the latest on PlayStation Vita, in particular, as more details will be unveiled about the next generation in handheld gaming.

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Kurisu3088d ago

I'm going on holiday tomorrow so I will be out of the loop for two weeks, would be great to come back to see the Vita with a solid UK release date ^^

Misterhbk3088d ago

would be great if we got a solid release date tomorrow. Even if its a long way off, it'd be nice to know how long we'll have to wait.

I'll seriously be counting the days until I can get my hands on this little piece of gaming history. Already got this beast fully paid off...only time stands between me and my Vita

saladthieves3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Let's just hope that there's going to be a release date announced at GamesCom and also despite the odds, it releases this holiday season! They achieve this, and I'm a very happy guy! XD

blumatt3088d ago

I hope the PS Vita is released in Spring of 2012 in the U.S. and Europe. At $249 and $299, and with all the features it has, it's really a steal. The best handheld I've ever seen. Dual Analogs, Front and Rear Touchpads (well the front is a touchscreen, but you know), front and rear cameras, SixAxis motion, etc. There's so much packed into it that developers will be able to do just about anything they can think of.

Misterhbk3088d ago

Well the absolute latest it'll release is the end of march because thats the end of sony's fiscal year and they want this out before the start of the next fiscal year.

NoOoB1013088d ago

I was told at my work by the Sony vendor we have that PS vita wont be released until spring 2012. i was hoping for holiday release =/ so im hoping hes wrong.

blackburn103088d ago

And go bankrupt too I guess after they are already losing money on it as it is.

Fatal Blow3088d ago

ps vita uk release date is 01/02/2012 this date may change

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