Are pachinko games leaving the PS3 for the Wii?

A little trivia: in Japan, having pachinko and pachi-slot games in a platform is a sign of how well a system fares in that region. Currently, the god of pachinko favors Sony's PlayStation 3 - with Samurai Warriors Pachinko one of their latest pachi-slot games - but that preference may change in a short while. Why? Because there's going to be a Gundam-themed pachinko game for the Wii, that's why.

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MK_Red4928d ago

Wow, I knew those Japanese gamers had weird tastes but not this much... Those things are important for gamers there? Wow. I can never understand them and their games.

Beren4928d ago

I don't even understand this new :/
Or the reason behind the new :O

smirx4928d ago

Who the f*ck cares about pachinko???? Can't believe I even clicked on this story.

ravinash4927d ago

I'd say the Wii is more suited for their style of games anyway.