Rumor: Bioshock Coming To PS3 in 08

Megascorcher reports: " 2K Boston (Irrational) let the news slip out today that the ultra popular Bioshock is indeed coming to the PS3, labelled with a "Spring 2008" release. Speaking with some one on the "inside", he told us the project was always slated for a PS3 release. It was just a matter of waiting for the timed exclusivity to expire."

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kalistyles4932d ago

Confirmation!! Can't wait!

cloud360-7th_account4932d ago

Nooo. i hope no one thinks PS3 is an FPS console.

Anyhow, did the exlusivity deal with ms run out

marionz4932d ago

if this is true then thats great news for ps3 owners, i just hope 2k sort out all the issues the 360 suffered from before it gets released

otherwise bioshock is a great game that shouldnt be missed

Quickstrike4932d ago

now more people can enjoy Bioshock :D

Kleptic4932d ago

Marionz...totally agree...

whether you like fps games or not, the game should not be missed...although I would never put it on the level of greatness that review scores and 360 fanboys do, its definitely one of the better single player experiences of this year...

I beat it twice on a to see the two different endings I guess all I have to look forward to is the mindless insults and comparisons coming early next year...

C_SoL4932d ago


ravinash4932d ago

Bioshock was the only reason I brought a 360.
Oh well, at lest I can play Mass Effect when it comes out, otherwise the Xbox would be collecting dust.
All the other game including the cross platform ones I get for the PS3 because its a nicer system to run. So I hope MS wasn't hoping that as soon as I got their system I was suddening going to get all my game from them...I only use it for their exclusives.
Also, they can only pull this trick once. From now on when ever an exclusive comes out, people will think should a Get a 360 or wait to see if it does come out for PS3.
Had I expected Bioshock to come out of PS3, I would have waiting and not bother with getting a 360.

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Hades13374932d ago

Its good to see that all next-gen formats get to experience the truly awesome game that Bioshock is. Wonder if there will be any extra content in the PS3 version though??

Meus Renaissance4932d ago

This isn't confirmation at all but I think most people have a feeling that this game indeed will be released on the PS3 version. I would consider buying it because the PC demo was amazing. I just hope this port does the console justice because it will be hated upon if you get an EA quality port here.

Jinxstar4932d ago

Yeah but they might do a "lost planet" as well and add a few things too. I mean they have time they might just add something which would be cool. I have it for 360 and wouldn't buy it again though but for those who have yet to try it. Could be sweet. Either way though its always good news when everyone gets to play great games imho.

Danja4932d ago

HMMM...still don't care for it that much..i'll see what the hype was about...but it's definetly not making my must have list next year..!!

'Im not dissing the game just saying that next year alot of great games are coming out so im not that hyped for this game"...

Kleptic4932d ago

agreed...this game is going to drop potentially around thanks...its a great game, but after playing through the PC version twice...its no where near as good as the Mart would lead you to believe...

the worst4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

a few 360 AAA games
coming to the best console
whats next mass effect?????????
thats something 2 thing about

cloud360-7th_account4932d ago

No Western Rpg . we shud stick to our FF. fu*k wrpgs. we do not need that. FF series needs to bring in all the cash from rpgs. got that

mazirjones4932d ago

i would piss my pants if we got mass effect too, the other series gets kinda redundant after 13 and a versus(whatever the hell that means)