Seven minutes of Hard Reset gameplay video

Kotaku: "Earlier this month I took a good hard look at Hard Reset, the upcoming single-player shooter coming out next month from Polish developer Flying Wild Hog, telling you all about my favorite parts of the game. Now I can show you."

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Letros3078d ago

Looks damn good, day 1!

Solid_Snake-3078d ago


[email protected] console gamer disagreeing with you.

BeastlyRig3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Imagine trying to navigate that menu with a controller.. that would be a pain! @4:30

Oh yeah day1!

The lighting is amazing!

SilentNegotiator3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Oh, yeah, because this game is so fast-paced. Imagine my feeble console gamer brain trying to navigate 30 degree angles in less than 5 seconds to kill an enemy in one of these narrow pathways.

Ridiculous, guys. You guys sure talk a lot about consoles and their gamers for people who think they're so lowly and feeble. Try concentrating on all of the non-indie multiplats coming out this year and get your minds off of consoles for once. Try commenting on ONE PC related article without crying about consoles.

BattleAxe3077d ago

Beastly, no offense but if you couldn't get through that using a controller, then you're a complete tool.

ATi_Elite3078d ago

I hope they add more particle effects to go along with that awesome lighting! The game is filled with great texture details.

Didn't like the HUGE health circle on the left. make it smaller and transparent.

Overall Hard Reset is gonna be a Purchase! Looking forward to it and seeing more!

admiralthrawn873078d ago

hope it has classic deathmatch

CanadianTurtle3078d ago

I'm sold. I love oldschool classic shooters man. The steampunk aura of this game, and the incredibly stylish weapons make this a day 1 buy. Unfortunately its not for PS3 or Xbox, PC only :(

But in a way, its made for PC gamers.

TheGameFoxJTV3077d ago

This is more like Duke Nukem or Serious Sam. Not really a fan of those types of games. I'll prob pass on this. Looks too repetitive.

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