Petition to get split-screen added to lan and online in Cod 4

Infinity ward the developer of Call of duty 4 decided to put split-screen in local games only, excluding lan and online. To top things off you can only play 9 the 16 maps in local split-screen. So offline players are getting screwed out of half of the multi-player game. Sign the petition to show your support.

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Retro-Virus4926d ago

All I want is co-op, atleast over a LAN if not "LIVE".

Violater4926d ago


It takes foreeeeever to get into games only for the server to crash
If I wasn't such a graphics whore I would have taken it back already

LSDARBY4926d ago

I think if they could have done it they would have. Lots of games are cutting out online splitscreen/co-op cus its not technically possible anymore. Great graphics and smooth gameplay cant be done twice over.

dmeador4926d ago

Gears, Halo 3, and crackdown come to mind.

ElementX4926d ago

Petitions aren't news. Which of you idiots actually looks at that site to post this crap?

Daxx4926d ago

I agree with ElementX on this one.

Hopefully N4G will get stricter article posting regulations in the near future.

monkey6024926d ago

Another day another Petition. Do these things ever actually change anything in the games business?

Legionaire20054926d ago

Turns out that the contributors didn't approve it, cause some think online petition are not real!!! I am surprise they approved this one. I smell hypocrisy!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.