Xbox Live hacking on its way?

"Online gaming on consoles has been considered quite safe until very recently with all the hacking situation at PSN going out of hand after an “Anonymous” group decided to take it down. And since then multiple Sony sites have also been hacked. Now during all this time Xbox Live has stayed relatively out of trouble. But in the last few days, numerous instances of some sort of hacking have been reported but this recent one seems quite authentic and should be taken seriously."

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Assassin Nawabi2835d ago

Damn! I hope it ain't anything serious :(

seinfan2835d ago

This is not surprising to me. The same thing happened to my cousin a few years ago. While the charges to his card were dropped, he somehow was able to keep the points.

xPhearR3dx2835d ago

Bunch of idiots, this isnt even a hack of xbox, someone just stole his account, happens all the time.

chriski3332835d ago

man these loser nerd hacker gotta get laid or go play in traffic

limewax2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

It's not, this is the general type of hacking that xbox live actually suffers on a much more common basis than some imagine, But its contained, it always tends to be direct attacks at a sole individual.

I have had my account hacked a couple times now, but not lost money luckily, normally if they can't get money they go on a rude messaging rampage to get you banned for a bit. I have been with live for many many years now though so your bound to have a snag here and there. Its unlikely to turn into something bigger, because it is unlikely down to a hacking group, if it were it would be a different matter

But like the guy above said, its hardly a hack, sometimes a hack is needed though to gain the vital info

Hockeydud192835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I have a 10.00 charge on my card from Xbox Live and I don't even know what it is? Happened right after Microsoft removed the mystery points I got

EDIT: Got it figured out. Be nice if Microsoft added some descr to their bills.

limewax2835d ago

Have you heard of any others having money taken out after the point reductions? I'm not trying to dispute the possibility, Just this is the first I have heard of anyone losing money after the reduction.

If others have it certainly is worth keeping an eye on as that would indicate it was certainly not a contained incident.

And also, sorry to hear it man. I know its only 10 and all but it makes you worry how much it could have been/could be next time.

Hockeydud192835d ago

actually I just called them to figure it out and apparently I didn't get charged for my 1 month until the 15 which happend to be the day that the points got added. The bill dosen't state a renewal or anything just "XBOXLIVEBILLWAUS" so I was like huh? Still not entirely sure though since i have a 9.99 charge on the 1st as well for Microsoft points I don't remember purchasing lol

buffycrp2835d ago

Most likely phishing can happen to anyone on any network xbox live and psn alike. People need to be more careful with their details as it can lead to this. Also make sure xbox live/psn has a unique password and Id and only enter it on official sites.

Lich1202835d ago

I recently had my account hacked. Its currently under inspection by MS. They charged 75.00 but MS flagged it as a bogus charge so it never went through. I have no idea how they got my account but Im guessing it was a key logger using my MSN ID. Im not entirely sure since I've never given anyone my account. Id probably sleep easier if MS was actually hacked since that way it would be anything with my machine.

Anon19742835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Wasn't XBL breached back in 2007? Due to some flaw with and XBL anywhere, it was reported by a security firm that XBL accounts were being hijacked. MS released a statement a week after the news broke saying they'd "look into it" and nothing more was ever said about it.

Of course, it's Microsoft. They've been covering up security breaches with Windows since PC's became popular, and Internet Explorer had security flaws you could drive a truck through a few years ago. God knows they should be good at glossing over security breaches by now.

No one in their right mind wants to see a console get hacked, but it's not like the 360 is impervious.

Solid_Snake-2835d ago

[email protected] all the people disagreeing hoping it is serious.....i am now happy i laughed at you guys when GEO and ANON mashed you guys to oblivion.

theonlylolking2835d ago

On XBL I see TONS of people in black ops that have their created emblem as the anon mask. I will see at least 2 a day if I play black ops on 360. While on the PS3 I have only seen 1 person have the anon mask.

What does that lead me to believe? Well most of the people in the anonymous hacking group are probably on the 360. If that is true then they wouldnt take down XBL but they might take users passwords and buy stuff from their account.

matarchy2835d ago

This happened to me a month ago. I called in to Microsoft and they had already froze my account and credited my bank account. They said it didn't put my credit card info in jeopardy but I left my account frozen and will probably just use points cards. It sucks this stuff happens.

2834d ago
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firemassacre2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

As a Playstation fan, i hope xbox live does not get hacked by anon, that would suck for you guys.

@ raven nomad, nothing is unhackable.

AAWELLS092835d ago

Thats a real douche-bag thing to say. Im guessing your really young as anyone with brains wouldnt say such a thing.

PirateThom2835d ago

"I hope you don't get hacked" = douche bag?


Bonobo123452835d ago

I think you must have misread that..

AAWELLS092835d ago

WOW I guess im the douche bag here i did read it wrong geez i dunno how i managed to read it wrong more than once so i apologize for my first comment. Ill leave now lol

_Aarix_2835d ago

well firemassacre has had his fair share of 360 bashing in the past.

kaveti66162834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

How do you guys know Firemassacre didn't say something stupid and then edit it really quickly?

I mean, it says so right there at the bottom that his comment was edited. And it's possible to edit your comment multiple times so even though it's obvious that he edited his comment at least once to reply to raven nomad, it's also possible, and I'd argue that it is likely, that firemassacre did say something really idiotic, and then edited it really quickly when aawells07 called him out on it.

Edit: I just edited my comment to fix a typo, but lol, now I'm a suspect of my own logic.

Bonobo123452834d ago


Paranoid android.

Is it that hard to believe someone is trying to be nice here on N4G?

This could be a turning point for all of us....

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Istanbull2835d ago

Another one of these articles again, no you don't deserve my hits no-name website.

gcolley2835d ago

so you came here to say you don't want to be here??? i don't understand

AAWELLS092835d ago

@firemassacre Srry for my first reply i misread ur comment like an idiot. I guess im just so used to the negativity in the gaming community that i assumed the comment was a negative one while reading it i somehow skipped over "not" so yeah im the douche here lmao.

gcolley2835d ago

n4g will do that to you

kaveti66162834d ago

maybe you didn't misread it. I've seen fanboys pull these kind of stunts before. They write something inflammatory and then quickly edit it.

He may have altered it only slightly so that you would question what you saw afterward.

Raven_Nomad2835d ago

Never happen, Microsoft is smart about things. Most people I know use Paypal now to pay for things, so there is no worries on losing CC info.

Un-hackable baby!

Nate-Dog2835d ago

There is no such thing as unhackable.

malol2835d ago

lol your comment shows how dumb you are XD


PirateThom2835d ago

Thinking they're "unhackable" is why people get hacked... not to mention, no CC info was stolen from PSN either, so it's a moot point...

Hell Microsoft had a major security breach back in 2000 and it was just lucky it wasn't for end users, but was for internal systems.

WhiteLightning2835d ago

Microsoft wouldn't of had paypal if Sony's PSN hack wasn't a wake up call for them and a load of other companies/developers.

MasterCornholio2835d ago

XBOXlive is an online service. Therefore it can be hacked. The real question is how easy is it to hack XBOXlive?

Nitrowolf22835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

"Microsoft is smart about things"
looks at all Windows OS and pretty much every other software and hardware they have made, yep real smart -_-.

Everything from MS has been hacked. Reason for PSN attacks was due to Geohotz being sued. it was the fact that Sony provoked a group that got them to be hacked.
According to this hacker it isn't as secure as you think.

Nothing is unhackable. Lets just hope it stays unhacked though.

Ri0tSquad2835d ago

Every company - including "smart" Microsoft - acknowledges & accepts that there's no such thing as security that's "un-hackable". Think I'm lying? I'm downloading 8 security updates for Windows 7 right now.....

Mario4life2835d ago

if the government can get hacked, im pretty sure microsoft would be a cake walk for hackers, i dont want to see it happen, but odds are it will or already been

KingSlayer2835d ago

Thank you for typing and clicking submit on your comment. There are so many angles, so much's web comment gold. Thank you sir.

Dart892835d ago

Wait wait Raven is that a challenge you're issuing to anon??Just member be careful what you wish for xDD.

cozmo1952835d ago

the actual PS3 console was thought to be un hackable
then when it did get hacked
look at how badly it got hacked

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3GenGames2835d ago

Hackers is thrown around way too much. Especially on COD. Since they're just abusing features already in the game that developers hide but don't take out, it's their own fault. I can't understand how they haven't fixed it yet by not doing what they do with leaving the developer modes/tools/unused stuff in the game.

As for the PS showdown [PSN, not Anon and pinging the site to death, heh.] now that's what real hackers do. And that really sucks and is serious. But as for hacking games online, you need to stop it at the source, the console. And even further into it, the game it's self is the core problem.

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