The Witness Might Not Make It To Consoles

GameInformer: Ever since Jonathan Blow released Braid on Xbox Live in 2008 to both critical and commercial acclaim, the industry has been eagerly awaiting his next project. However, the Witness sounds like a drastic departure from Blow’s previous projects.

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Letros2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Game sounds great, can't wait to pick this up on Steam.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

This guy is way overrated, lol. Especially the way he is talking right now. Console gaming has a lot of competition to deal with, so basically he needs to put his game somewhere where it will thrive better. Of course he won't tell you such a thing, but he knows the competition is stiff on XBLA and a lot of games are better than his. So yeah, his ego doesn't fit his talents or I just couldn't detect it with what I played from him. Don't get me wrong though, Braid was decent, albeit a tad derivitive.

BeastlyRig2836d ago

Sounds like a good idea to me. An honest opinion on the setbacks of console production. Why deliver a scaled down version of something when he obviously has a deep commitment to quality. I'm with him here.

Theo11302836d ago

ok, when a potential xbla/psn game is being affected by hardware limitations, that's the warning sign that they need to start the next generation sooner, but I don't think the market right now as it stands can bare a new console.

nickjkl2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

where im confused is what are they doing to the point where they are having trouble

its not like its the first game to ever do no loading in an open world setting infamous 2 gta4 just cause 2 all did it

but what is this game doing to the point where they are having trouble

nevermind could be a fact that its just an indy game and cant afford to do the optimization of game engines like Dice and such where it would be easier to just throw what you have created at a pc community with a wide range of pcs

also interesting how he mentions 360 specifically and not both consoles guess he was just going to have hot head port it

Alos882836d ago

My PC probably can't handle it, so I'm hoping he ports it to something else.

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