A New Market, Not The New Market Nunez explains why the portable gaming market may be going through a change, but this doesn't mean the demise for the dedicated gaming devices.

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fear883087d ago

Perfectly summed it up.

Smart mobile devices are not a replacement for dedicated devices (yet). My android phone will never do adobe elements or create an intricate flash (or html5) webpage but my desktop computer will.

Dedicated devices serve a specific purpose that they greatly excel in.

Smart devices are considered a "jack-of-all-trades" device but I also consider them "a master of none".

Granted I would not go anywhere without my phone, but my phone will only do so many things until I find it not meeting my demands.

There is a market shift from multiple devices to the all in one device but the market has been moving that way for decades. It hasn't just happened out of nowhere. But dedicated devices will always have their dedicated consumers.

What Sony and Nintendo need to focus on is good value for THEIR consumer and listen to the CORE audience.

Obviously the growth in terms of hardware sales has peeked but software growth can be enormous if delivered in the right fashion and at a great price for value and thats what will matter.

Quality content, variety, and great value are going to be key in moving this industry forward. Sony and Nintendo really need to model their business more like Valve and market it accordingly.

PC gamers are not a great majority but they are very dedicated to their market segment BECAUSE Valve's Steam offers such a great value for content and that will count going into the next 5-7 years.

MasterCornholio3087d ago

Pretty nice article and i agree with the author that while the smartphones (androids can play games as well) are raking in the casuals its a different market. The core will not choose a smartphone as their main gamming device they will go with either the 3DS or the Vita.