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VGW: Since the game really does a great job of putting players into the game via the motion-sensing peripheral Fruit Ninja Kinect proves to be the best version of Fruit Ninja yet. Between the incredibly addictive gameplay and the precise motion controls, Kinect owners who have been waiting for the next great game for the peripheral should look no further than Fruit Ninja Kinect. The only issue that exists is that the game is very low in the content department. Sure, there are a few really fun game modes, but when you break them down, they have very little differentiating them from one another. If you are dying to see what the hype surrounding Fruit Ninja is all about, Fruit Ninja Kinect is the definitive version of the game. However, if you’ve played the game on your mobile device, you’re probably better served either waiting for a sale on this $10 game, or picking it up for free alongside Twisted Pixel’s upcoming Kinect title, Gunstringer.

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earbus3087d ago

Very impressed how reactive the control is.