Rumor: Rock Band delayed in Canada until Dec. 19

Harmonix and Electronic Arts' love child Rock Band is supposed to launch its North American tour in a little over a week, but Canada might not be seeing this game until just before Christmas. Canadian retailer Future Shop (owned by Best Buy) has updated its listing for the game with a new release date: December 19 for Xbox 360 and the day after for PlayStation 3. (Curiously, a version of Rock Band without instruments is also listed for those dates.)

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DrPirate4926d ago

This better, better, better be false :(

biomajor094926d ago

I hear you on that one. I have been dying for this game. The only good thing that come out of this delay is that I would then be able to study for my final exmas.

sa_nick4926d ago

Wouldnt be hard to import would it? I live in Australia where we wont be getting the game until sometime next year. I'm importing from US and should have it b4 the end of Novemeber.

MunicipalBlack4926d ago

Yeah I'm going to be really choked if the delay is true, and to be honest I really think it is.
Then again what did I expect from EA.