Dev tools key to Xbox 720 / PS4 success - Microsoft's advantage?

In terms of development tools many game developers say that the Xbox 360 has the edge over the PS3 - we wonder whether Microsoft's next-gen console will have better dev tools than the next-gen PlayStation.

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Godmars2903077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Sony will have devs tools likely tooled around the PSV which will have scalable tools between the PSP and PS3. That should make up for anything MS does.

Development wise anyway.

Nitrowolf23077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Next Generation expect the Playstation to be made for Developers and the fans. Sony has learned a lot this gen with the PS3 and even channeled that into Vita (easy port/development). It only makes sense that they do it or the next playstation. Powerful but far easier to develop for.
There is enough feedback for Sony to know what they have to do when it comes to supplying for devs and when it'll come down to supplying for it's buyers.

hiredhelp3076d ago

Absalutly right. The vita is a small powerhouse. Sony has learnt alot. Imagin if the ps3 had another 512mb ram 3rd party devs wouldnt have to worry soo much. Sure its alien setup. But its prooved for thoes to take time to learn it. That the ps3 is awsome pieace of kit.

gw4k3076d ago

I personally can't wait to see the next gen systems. I love Sony and I personally love Microsoft. Sure both have a lot of haters but I am 'Pro-Gaming.'

Without a doubt MS really planned a head with the 360. Very smooth and powerful system with a nice set of dev. tools. The PS3 has much more potential but the tools just aren't there. Way to complicated and no one can argue that.

I'm sure Sony has learned its lesson.

I'm not hating on the PS3. There are a few games that really shine but there is a lot of junk too. Games that should at least be on par with the 360 that aren't.

TBM3076d ago

Can you please name a few im just curious.

ChilliDemon3076d ago

More than 'a few' I think.

gw4k3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Drakes Fortune 1 & 2 are amazing examples of the PS3. Killzone is as well. Other than that I'm at a loss. There are other great looking games but those are the ones that really stand out and make you wonder, could the 360 pull them off.

I have my own opinion on that but whatever.

@TBM What are you asking me to name? Please elaborate. Thanks

EDIT: I was just reminded from a user (thanks for the PM) about Metal Gear Solid 4. I have to admit, that is one of the most impressive games I have EVER played!

ECM0NEY3076d ago


Red Dead Redemption
Most of the older Unreal engine games
Games using Gamebryo engine (Elder scrolls, Fallout)

Not trying to troll just answering his question

TBM3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )


Its cool you named some games that you could remember.


The elder scroll/fallout games were a glitchfest on both so to me that's a wash lol. As for GTA4, and RDR I played both on each console and the differences weren't that game breaking gameplay wise so for that's a wash too.

Also I don't know why I got disagrees I was just curious to know which games he was talking about. Too many sensitive people on this site lol.

The unreal engine to me sucks quite honestly, and only Batman, gears, Bioshock used it really good with Batman the best looking until the new Bioshock with the modified unreal engine.

gw4k3076d ago

@TBM We are talking about graphics here, not gameplay. Assclown named some good examples of PS3 titles that had issues or received the short end of the stick. You can say the same with the Call of Duty Series as well. The 360 is always a bit better in the graphics department and especially in the network department when it comes to COD.

Other examples are of course Bioshock 1 and 2 and Batman. All a bit more polish on the 360.

gamingdroid3076d ago

The Xbox 360 already has fantastic tools available to indies in the form of XNA. They are very easy to use and has a vibrant community.

In fact, it is so easy to develop for both PC and Xbox 360 at the same time!

IdleLeeSiuLung3076d ago

Go to Sony's PSN website, then go to MS Xbox site and it will tell you the entire story.

Just look at how Sony implemented their Trophy sync. It is tacked on when you get your automatic update instead of seamless integration like achievements.

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THC CELL3076d ago

i think the psv tool will make a jump to sony next console ( more advance by then ) Microsoft wont do well in the next console (my prediction)

Sony going to be like the ps2 days when the next console comes with online

people say bring streaming and ms will own how with no game developers only mp games and 2 huge exclusives

newleaf3076d ago

What is your prediction based on exactly? The fact that you're a playstation fanboy? Somehow you figure that microsoft, who have had the edge in terms of dev tools will completely drop the ball but your beloved sony, who have lacked in that department this gen will improve?? Why can't both improve? Why is it in your lofty prediction, only Sony improves!

gamingdroid3076d ago

The prediction is really hope!

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theseeder3077d ago

Two great comments but no approvals, that's weird

Agent_hitman3076d ago

The Sony Critics/journalists are once making a stupid articles, just look at the gaming news this last week, most of that news are pro MS and anti-sony.... OMG!

This journalist should be fired

MrDead3076d ago


It generates lots of hits and kiddies go nuts for it, it wont stop.

buttclown3076d ago

I have no idea what any of you are talking about? This hate for Sony must be in your mind because I haven't seen much of anything except praise for Sony, especially on this site.

Agent_hitman3076d ago

Well my friend.. I don't see any praise for sont, most of the news this week are anti-sony written by bias journalist paid by MS...

Even if sony did a good job, In their eyes, Sony is still wrong ang failed... I can't helped but to wonder.. why???.. why oh why??

ChilliDemon3076d ago

And yet, looking at the exclusives which have been written for the PS3, something must be right about the PS3 dev-kit.

andibandit3076d ago

yeah, but wouldn't you rather there had been even more exclusives.

buttclown3076d ago

It's different though when you got Sony backing you up when you are making a game only for them. Sony doesn't want them to do what the other developers have already done.

a08andan3076d ago

Well the CELL-processor used in the ps3 is optimized for parallellization (Which basically means more performance from multi-core devices) and it is, by its nature, harder to code for and work with :)

MrDead3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Why cant I remove my comment? I didnt want to post here.

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