Zelda: Link to the Past Remake Being Considered?

The latest issue of the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine has an interview with Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma about the Zelda series in which he discusses plans for the future, including thoughts on a potential remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.

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ChickeyCantor4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

no way -_-
If there is going to be a remake, i hope they dont screw up the feel of it.

my fav. Zelda game.....i will burn people if they ruin this.

" I’m actually very interested in what it would be like if we remade that title as a 3D game."

well me too...just dont ...mess with "a Link to the past "

Crazy Larry4929d ago

this game could be ruined as a remake. However, most of the people on this site are kids, and have never played this classic title, so a remake would be great for them.

mesh14929d ago

this series is what i consider the greatest ever rpg franchise if this game is remade for 360/ps3 it wud selll more than halo 3/killzsone2/mgs4 combined.

BIoodmask4930d ago

Link to the Past is also my favorite Zelda game. That and Ocarina of Time are pretty much tied for first. I am pretty confident that if Nintendo was doing a remake that Miyamoto would be heavily involved in the project, and it would more than likely be excellent.

Robeezy4929d ago

Yea i hope so. Its also one of my favorites. Its been it would probably be done right though.

jackdoe4930d ago

I'd rather they make a conclusion to the whole Wind Waker story or a game that helps to explain how Twilight Princess ties into the Legend of Zelda chronology.

Brawler4930d ago

Link To The Past ins my favourite Zelda game also I would love a 3-D Remake just make sure that the gameplay stays the same.

Drano4930d ago

Who wouldn't?

Jump Beyond.

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The story is too old to be commented.