Best upcoming RPG’s of 2011/2012

Here’s NXUS's rundown of the best upcoming RPG’s of 2011/2012

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Jpinter2840d ago

Skyrim is the only game I need this year.

Solid_Snake-2840d ago

the old republic,skyrim,mass effect 3.

with the old republic being pay monthly im gonna have to cut down on a game a month...... :(

firemassacre2840d ago

skyrim and dark souls. (*)(*)

KingDustero2840d ago

I don't get the hate on Dark Souls. It seems like every time it is mentioned with Skyrim people instantly hate on it.

I don't see why some Skyrim fans would hate on Dark Souls. The game is NOTHING like Skyrim. It is an RPG, but that is the ONLY similarity it has with Skyrim.

Anyways I loved Demon's Souls and am getting Dark Souls on day one. I have never played an ES game before, however Skyrim looks amazing and am for sure picking it up this year.

Overall I'm not a huge RPG fan, but there are a few RPGs that I really enjoy.

NoUseMerc2840d ago

Definitely. Dark Souls online sounds great. I'd love to see an RPG maker return for PSN or a similar title like Dark Cloud 3 to be made too.

villevalorox2840d ago

agree man, that what I'm most looking forward to.

ATi_Elite2840d ago

The real list..

1. Guild Wars 2
2. Star Wars The Old Republic
4. Skyrim
5. Diablo III
6. Dark Souls
7. Kingdoms of Amular
8. Dragon's Dogma
9. Two Worlds III
10. Final Fanatsy Versus XIII

VampiricDragon2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )


weres disgaea 4? wheres persona IS? Weres solorobo? Wheres dragon quest joker monsters 2? Weres paper mario? Weres dragon quest X? weres atelier? I can keep going at least 10 more localizations deep.........

And then theres the imports.........

Wheres any number of games?

dragon dogma isnt an rpg, there is no two worlds 3

and fyi

dungeon siege and WKC 2 were absolute bombs. Bad reviews, bad sales, bad games. One from the east and one from the west

CommanderWTF2840d ago

Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 FTW!

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