Sound Advice: HD DVD leaves Blu-ray in the dust

Don Lindich, a national columnist and creator of the "Digital Made Easy" book series states, " I enthusiastically recommend HD DVD because it's a better product and a better proposition for consumers. Signs are showing it is going to trounce Blu-ray, and soon."

"For those looking for a single sentence explaining why go with HD DVD: It's a better thought-out, more solid product than Blu-ray, it is half the price, and picture and sound quality are identical. At less than $200 including seven or more movies, HD DVD players are a stunning value. Why pay twice the money when Blu-ray has serious issues and the movies look and sound the same?"

"I smile when I see people buying HD DVD players based on bargain pricing, because they are unknowingly getting the Ferrari as well. Despite its purported superiority and much higher cost, Blu-ray is the emperor with no clothes. HD DVD has been superior since day one."

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gamesblow4931d ago

I love how the Blu-ray/HD-dvd war has now intergrated fanboys in the videogame realm. This is absurdity at best.

wil4hire4931d ago

The Bluray Disc is clearly the superior medium... the movie choices are tons better, the hardware is actually 1080p etc..

I've always stood by the notion that people that spent the money on bluray players, actuaally have the income to drive disc sales.

People that are broke, and cant affod a 500 dollar dvd player, aren't going to be rushing out to buy 30 & 50+ dollar disc sets.

Think about things like Planet Earth on Bluray... I doubt it would have been so successful if it was on the penny pincher (hd-dvd) camp..

Everyone has to know that HD discs are just for a niche market right now.. for those who can afford the dive. Its not going to be battling with 9 dollar DVD's anytime soon.

HD-DVD figures that it makes a cheap player that people will buy, of course they will.. its 99 dollars, but what about the discs? DVD's are still a lot more inexpensive than HD-DVD's. People that cant afford the players, cant afford to shell money out in the niche market..

thats why bluray continues to OUT-SELL HD-DVD Discs... It was never a question of price.

jaja14344931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

And a Dodge Viper is clearly superior to an Civic, yet I wonder which sells more. Price matters.

And stop with the damm 1080i if you want the little "i" then you can buy the 300$ A-3 which *gasp* is still cheaper than the cheapest BR.

Yesh I have nothing against BR but stop with the same old responses.

unlimited4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

wtf is this crap..sound like his sleeping with microsoft in bed..all his telling us is how cheap the hddvd are and how affordable it is for everyone.. he sound like a xbots..

anyone in the right mind knows that blue ray have more studios and a very larger selection of movies unlike hddvd that dont have any good movies at all..

wow im suprise this made it as news..lmao..

drewdrakes4931d ago

Unlimited - yes they sound like a "xbots". When you have a firm grasp of how to put a sentence together then people will take your comments more seriously. Sony definitely has more studios, but who has the bigger studios.

NBC is HD DVD exclusive, if you didnt know that includes the TV and movie studios (Universal). But, who owns them? General Electric, also known as either the biggest or second biggest corporation in the world. Them tied in with Microsoft, who do you think has the power to get things done?

If those two companies really want something they are going to get it. You might as well kiss blu-ray goodbye now. (p.s. im not serious about kissing blu-ray good bye. But with the ignorant comments ive seen so far towards HD DVD, this comment fits right in. )

ActionBastard4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

I love how people compare $90K cars to $20k cars and think that comparison is accurate, let alone holds up in a format discussion. Keep trying. Won't change the fact that the Dodge Viper of HD formats is killing the Civic.

EDIT: Just use an analogy that is appropriate to the discussion. Of course price matters, but comparing a $90k car to a $400 dollar BD player is a sad, sad joke. It doesn't help your argument to look like an utter jackass. But PLEASE keep it up. I enjoy the laughs.

lawman11084931d ago

100,000 units in ONE weekend and Sears is selling the A3 for $169 again next Friday so that means everybody else will be sub $199 AGAIN POW!!!!!!!!! HD blowin up

jaja14344931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Well I could pick a Camaro which cost in the mid to high 20's if that will makes you feel better. The Civic still sells better. And in any event I was merely illustrating how price makes a huge influence on what you buy. Whether it be a 30k car or the HEB brand of cereal vs Name Brand. Price matters. But I wouldn't expect "some people" to get that. Perhaps I next time I should be more direct and dumb things down bit than to rely on an analogy?

ruibing4931d ago

Right, and the reason why BD still slaughtered HD-DVD last week is because of what? Spiderman 3 (not even the best movie IMHO) sold more than the Transformers. And for last week, only a single HD-DVD title made it to the top ten hi-def movie list, while BD dominated the rest of the list.

cuco334931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

A paid Sony insider admitted that Spidey 3 single BD disk AND Spidey boxset COMBINED sold 130k. Sony's words.
Paramount said they sold 190k.

But these are studios' numbers. We may never know the exact numbers. Being that Sony is beyond arogant, if they did sell more than TF, we would have heard it by now, and we would have heard that HD DVD is dead for the 5th time... or is that 6th time.
Remember that Neilson's data only is a SNAPSHOT of little over 60% of the US market.

EDIT: to exponser
DON'T rely on Neilson's to tell you everything. They are a SNAPSHOT and should be viewed ONLY as a SNAPSHOT.
One source, paidgeek, can be found saying it on avsforum,, and high def digest, just to name a few.

BrianC62344931d ago

He recommends HD DVD because it's a better value? Oh brother. I sure wouldn't take advice from that idiot. If that's all that matters just stick with DVD. The players are dirt cheap and the discs are much cheaper than HD DVD and Blu-ray. I wouldn't ever recommend anything just because one is cheaper than the other. That isn't the most important reason to buy something.

xplosneer4931d ago

Care to provide a link for the Sony person admitting Spiderman 3 sales combined? The neilson numbers say otherwise.

robep34931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

First of all HD-DVD camp says all PS3 owners only play games then the 360 bots say we only play movies(blu-ray)what a bunch of F*NN**S YOU
Blackmagic 10% of F=**K ALL IS F**K ALL over 5 milion PS3'S sold i
have 5 games 5 blu-ray in 6 months 50-50 split if you look on a lot of PS3 forums lots of owners have way more games and movies than me.
Lawman you are deluded Resistance Fall of Man has sold way over 1m copies,HD-DVD ARE WORRIED THATS WHY THE CHEAP PLAYERS if they were confident in the format they would not have to give them away, as for Paramount the HD-DVD deal is for a YEAR ONLY they sold out for a $150m thats less than the buget for 1-2 blockbuster movies they will loose that amount in sales alone this year because they wont have BLU-RAY movies out which out sell HD-DVD 2:1 ITS THAT SIMPLE LIKE YOU 2 if you look in places like HMV,VIRGIN and even ASDA (part of WALMART IN UK)they have more than twice as many Blu-ray AS HD-DVD movies to choose from WHY DO YOU 2 NUMPTEYS THINK THAT IS LOL.

godofthunder104930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

i like to know why is it that every time they talk about the hd-dvd and br war br fans always bring up microsoft. (hell they don't own hd-dvds)they act like they never used any of their products before,hell with out microsoft products 99% of them wouldn't even be able to use the internet because it would be to damn complicated.the truth is that microsoft makes working with a computer 100% easier.

microsoft doesn't own hd-dvds they are only supporting it and they said if it looses then they will just switch to br.look at it this way,sony uses windows in their computers right well do microsoft own the computers,no sony is just using microsoft in their computers,that is the exact thing that microsoft is doing with hd-dvd now,they don't own it they are just using it in their products ,DAMN!!what does it take to make the ps3 fans understand,hell it's not hard,it's simple.
i like to know where ps3 fans get the information that hd doesn't play in 1080p.the truth is that hd-dvd does play in 1080p and that's a fact all you have to do is go to the hd-dvd official site because they will tell you on there in plain site that it plays in 1080p.before you make up somthing like hd-dvds only play in 1080i,you better check your facts first because it make you look bad.
let me get this straight,you claimed that the reason that people buy hd-dvd players is because they are poor and can't buy br because it will cost $500 and the highest one is the best?where in the hell is your mind at man.the reason that people buy hd-dvds is because it's the exact damn thing as br and it's cheaper,just because something is higher doesn't mean it better.why would i pay $500 for an br player when i could pay $200 for an hd-dvd player and they will have the exact damn picture (1080p not 1080i like you want people to belive)and sound but sometimes you will have more extras on the hd-dvd disc like 300.
you are also claiming that br will still outsell ha-dvds because only rich people could afford to buy nextgen movies,man you must be a millionair by the way you talk!the only damn reason that br discs are selling well isn't because it's only rich people that could afford the best equipment like br movies and player like you so arrogant said,the reason that br discs are sell well is because of the ps3 and that's a fact not some bullsh*t like you also claim that if it wasn't for planet earth being on hd-dvd to for the so call penny pinch like you call then instead of just br then it wouldn't be as popular,well you don't know what the hell you are talking about.
the only difference between br and hd-dvd is space but now hd-dvd is releasing 51 hd-dvd discs and then they will be exactly the same damn thing.i like for you to tell me why is it so important to have all that space on br like you claim that when hd-dvd and br release the same damn movie and they both still have 2 disc with the exact damn thing on them.the only difference between br and hd-dvd is br is a corvet that cost $50,000 and hd dvd is the exact corvett for $20,000.
the funniest thing that i've read on this article is how br fans saying the only reason people like hd-dvd is because of microsoft,boy what a joke.the truth is that if it wasn't for the ps3 then br would've failed already.if the ps3 had a hd-dvd drive in it then the ps3 fans would be saying that hd-dvd is better then br and br sux because that's the only reason that people are so high on br.some br fans act like you could tell the difference between 1080i and 1080p like you could tell the difference between 480 and 720p and the truth is that it's so close that you can't even tell the difference and as far people talking about transformers and the sound is just pathetic and it shows that they don't really know what's going on because you can't tell the difference between the sounds,like the guy said above the only thing that could tell the sounds apart is an animal.
take my word to heart because if hd-dvd player sell around 20,000 to 30,ooo more and start selling more hd-dvd movies,wich it will then all the movie companies will start selling both version because it cost to much to make nextgen movies only on 1 version when the other version is picking up speed,hell sony is down playing their remark that they made about a month ago about the war being over all ready because even if the ps3 fans don't like it,the truth is that they will be neck in neck about the middle of next year.
the main reason that disney and a few of the movie company went exclusive to br because of the ps3,they belived that the ps3 will sell millions like the ps2 when it came out and just distroy hd-dvd but it isn't happening ,hell sony didn't even come close the the pridiction they made about how many ps3 would sell.if the ps3 doesn't sale as many units as the 360 and the hd-dvd player keep saleing well this christmas then i think that the movie companies will start having second thoughts about keeping their movies exclusive to br.

wallace10004930d ago

Holy cow, stop with the 1080p because it isn't a big deal. Very few consumers have a 1080p set and the majority of 1080p sets have excellent processors in them so they are very good at deinterlacing a 1080i signal. Those members of this site that keep spouting 1080p are just starting to sound very stupid because most of these threads are talking about the appeal to the general customer, not the tech monster.

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Irving4931d ago

LMAO, they just keep coming don't they. Btw, last I heard Transformer HD-DVD doesn't have 7.1 TrueHD audio because they ran out of space. Is that what he calls Ferrari of next gen format ?

wil4hire4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

True Audio and 7.1 really isn't all that great anyway!!!! So whats the use!!

You can see this logic applying to 1080p as well.. since the new player only does 1080i and 720p...

the argument is now "well we dont NEED 1080p!!!"

Cuco: Well correct me then?

The HD-A2 $99 dollar dvd player does 1080p out? No.
Transformers HD-DVD didn't have enough space for the higher definition audio tracks as stated BY PARAMOUNT.

God, its too easy.

cuco334931d ago

I think you need to do more research. It's clear you have no clue on what you are talking about.

speakthetruth4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

I have an A-2 that does 1080i on a 57" Mitsubishi 1080p television.

My bro has the XBOX 360 HD add on on his ELITE 360 and does 1080p.

He can't tell the difference between 1080i & 1080p, and neither can I. Its just some crap fanboys dwell on.

By the way, only the cheapest HD-DVD players do only 1080i all the others do 1080p, and they're still cheaper than any Blu-Ray player.

Also, Dolby Digital True HD 5.1 is on the Transformers HD DVD. It only filters out inaudible frequencies to the Human Ear. This is why the audio track size doesn't matter compared to uncompressed sound. Only a Rat or Dog can hear that crap. How many Blu-Ray movies used uncompressed sound anyway? Some of you need to get a life.

Here is Your TRANSFORMERS HD DVD Review:

jaja14344931d ago

Again with the 1080i. Show me the 100$ BR player that has its and I'll concede your point. Until then shut the hell up about it. Its a entry level player. Do you not understand that concept or something? Hell the only thing you got right in your post was about the 7.1 sound in Transformers.

In that regard it could have been better on a 50gig disc. Just a shame the tons of people in couldn't enjoy such sound as almost no one even has 7.1 nor can most people tell the difference. But your right, it didn't have 7.1

Kaneda4931d ago

"Indeed, I had the opportunity to attend a special 'Transformers' media event with Paramount late last week, and the question was asked almost immediately -- why no Dolby TrueHD or uncompressed PCM? The studio's answer was that due to space limitations on the disc, the decision was made to limit the audio to Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1 Surround only (here at 1.5mbps). Unfortunately, this confirms the long-held theory that the 30Gb capacity of an HD-30 dual-layer HD DVD disc has forced studios to choose between offering a robust supplements package (as they've done here) and the very best in audio quality."


wallace10004930d ago

The average consumer doesn't need 1080p. Many of the tech monsters on this site (including myself) may purchase a 1080p player because we are after all tech monsters, but we aren't the average consumer. The average consumer doesn't even know the difference between a composite cable and an HDMI cable, so are they going to care about the difference between 1080i and 1080p?

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paracardium4931d ago

I love watching my movies in 1080p on my Samsung 52 and the my ps3 upscales the 1-4 good movies on DVD which HD DVD has so Blueray is clear winner and outsells HD DVD at every turn.

lawman11084931d ago

In ONE WEEKEND......You fanbys dont get it. It is PRICE that sells these players PERIOD. Like it or not BR player is now in real trouble

Meus Renaissance4931d ago

To those who support HDDVD, unfortunately, efforts in creating such stories does not contribute to sales of the foramt. If you wish to support it, put your money where your mouth is and go out and buy HD-DVD movies.

wil4hire4931d ago

I wish I could say cool things like you...

But I hate Xbots so friggen much...

This one isn't getting approved...

How did you like uncharted?

blackmagic4931d ago

The fact that blu-ray sales only exceed HD DVD sales by 1.85:1 despite a massive ps3 install base relative to HD DVD players clearly illustrates that they are buying discs and the fact that a $99 sale by Walmart can increase the HD DVD install base by 10% in ONE DAY should make blu-ray fans VERY nervous.

DarkArcani4931d ago

Show proof for your statements.

Anyone can come on here and spout off numbers.

Lex Luthor4931d ago

The exact same thing could be said to PS3 owners.

blackmagic4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

Here you go:

1.85:1 sales

Wal-Mart sells 40,000-70,000 $99 players ($99 was a 4 hour sale at Wal-Mart)

Sound Advice - over 50,000 players sold at Wal-Mart

Now DarkArcani, just to put an exclamation point on my point consider this. After the $99 sale Toshiba said they were almost at 500,000 units sold and over the week of $199 and $99 sales, over 100,000 units were sold so before that week the install base was likely around 375,000. The implications here are that:

1. The 40,000 to 70,000 A2 players that Wal-Mart sold during thier $99 dollar sale (which lasted only 4 hours!) increased the HD DVD install base by 10% to 18%.

2. The 90,000 players sold over the weekend increased the install base by about 25% (over 3 days!)

3. The 100,000+ players sold over the week from the combined $199 and $99 sales increased the install base by 30% or more.

4. The Sears black friday sale ($169 A3 plus movies) is poised to sell many more players in a few days from now!

Now think about this. What happens when sub $200 pricing is the everyday price without limited stock?

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Danja4931d ago

exactly HD-DVD camp claims to have sold 90,000 units in one weekend but why isn't the effect showing on the software sales charts...??

cuco334931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

as in Walmart...
and because software sales don't happen overnight when hardware sells well.

To top it off, it was announced within 24 hrs and sold out within 15 minutes. Now tell me how price ISN'T a factor? Hell, even the Sony CEO is going off accidentally saying this 'war' will end in a stalemate.

Look also at what was released for the week on BD (Spidey 3 & boxset being the BIG sellers for HDM that week) where HD DVD didn't have anything great (Face/Off was their biggest release for the week). BDA does BOGOs only at chains that report to Neilson's when HD DVD has a big hit release for the week as well, not good for business but great for the consumer.

Oh, and since you blu boys love the Neilson's figures so much note that it's already been stated they only represent 60% of the market. Guess what the BDA tries week in and week out? Boost sales in stores that directly report to Neilson's. I have yet to see any great BD sale at Walmart ;)

And if you think I'm all proHD DVD and antiBD, guess again... I love movies and love them more in HD. I like Neilson's data as it's the only SNAPSHOT we have to see exactly how things are playing but I know it's not the end all be all like all the blu boys think it to be.

Be a movie fanboy, not a format fanboy. I love how Spidey 3 selling 130k units COMBINED from boxset and single disk PROVES that PS3 fanboys will yap and yap away about their format they 'support' yet DON'T actually buy BD movies.

Joecrazy4931d ago

I bought 2 of those A2 at walmart..other than the 10 free mail-in HD-DVDs, I wont buy any other HD-DVDs..I am Just using these player as a up-conversion DVD player for my bedroom and livingroom

lawman11084931d ago

The 360 holds over the PS3? Not ONE PS3 game has sold one million copys yet. Eleven 360 games have to date. When HD drops Dvd's to around $20 it will really kill the BR. I have each (PS3 for BR) and I think it will come down to price.

xplosneer4931d ago

You're an idiot, both Resistance Fall of Man and Motorstorm have sold over 1 million.

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