Halo: Annivesary - OXM Scans

Today is the turn of Halo: Anniversary, with the official magazine of the Xbox 360, which gives us some new pictures of the remake in question. A few hours ago, new Art Concepts were shared with the community (see: Fill Concepts of Art! ), now it's in-game pictures for the most!

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Dread2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

I cannot wait. this is my most anticipated game this year :)

(also Dark Soul and Gears 3)

FuturLife2834d ago

It will be so good seriously !

Do you will be at the Halo Fest everybody ?

Eric Barrier2834d ago

"You can no longer zoom in with the left trigger or sprint at the click of a thumbstick." No Halo games allowed that. That's COD's control scheme. Smh

thrasherv32834d ago

Woah woah woah....woah.

Is that a Phantom? Did they remove Spirits?

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