The Trials and Hardships of Being a Mac Gamer

BnB Gaming guest writer Sebastian Clarkin laments the dearth of Mac games available not only on Steam, but industry-wide. Won’t you damn well listen to him, developers? Sigh. Such is the life of a pseudo-PC gamer.

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pangitkqb2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I own a Mac yet I have to admit that Mac gaming sux. There is so little available for the platform and the prices tend to be shamefully high. Games that now sell regularly for $5 on PC still retail for $30 on Mac. As the piece says: "What I’m saying is, there’s a certain psychological torture that comes with being a Mac gamer."

That is why I also own a gaming PC.

ATi_Elite2839d ago

Just to be a total PC Elitist I like to really flex the Power of my PC just to piss off a few of the Mac users in our circle of gamers.

I would Boot my PC into Hacintosh Mode and run OSX, then run Boot camp to get Windows 7 going, then load up a game.....with Windows 7 running on a separate screen in virtual Mode.

Yeh it sounds stupid and redundant...but so is buying a $3000 PC that can't run Crysis! Dam Mac Gaming, what a joke although Steam has Mac Games and Valve Games converted for Mac but for the most part Mac users are stuck buying Win7 ANYWAY and then are left with overpriced under-performing GPU's.

To be able to play all Games on a Mac is almost like buying two PC's. It just doesn't make sense!

vitz32839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Agreed. I recently bought and installed Lion OS X on my PC just for kicks (Also I won't pay triple for the same hardware). Got it up and running, Google'd 'best Mac OS X exclusive games'. There wasn't much, if anything significant to be found. Everything that's on mac, is also on PC for cheaper and/or runs better. Sigh... Uninstalled. Mac's are for making slideshows and crappy teen-made youtube videos.

I found that using sheepshaver and running Mac OS 9 and earlier has a better selection of games. EV Override, etc.

thebudgetgamer2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

little by little it's getting better. thanks in large part to steam.

ATi_Elite2839d ago

Steam, AMD, and boot camp you mean!

SolidSystem2839d ago

other than expensive outdated graphics cards, and then horrible support?

i wish gaming on a mac was a real option.

thorstein2839d ago

It never will be because of exactly why you stated. Jobs is too busy with his slick advertising campaigns.

thedarkvault2839d ago

Not all hope is lost, you just have to use bootcamp and play games properly in windows. I use osx for work and browsing and windows mostly for gaming. Other than casual app games I wouldn't waste my time with mac gaming when it's so easy to utilize the hardware properly in windows.

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