Gamescom rolls into town, banners and all!

El33tonline writes:

"Gamescom has rolled into town, with billboard banners and flags advertising the world’s largest videogame fair dominating the streets and buildings of Cologne.

In addition to advertising the actual gamescom event, which pretty much takes over the spotlight for the first week of August every year, advertisements for various publisher’s titles have started to appear in the area surrounding the Koelnmesse."

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fluffydelusions3078d ago

Can't wait to see new footage of anything lol

OliverKO3078d ago

Can't wait to play the games! So much exciting stuff! ;)

SpitFireAce853078d ago

Right on i wish i was back in Germany i would attend

LOGICWINS3078d ago

I'm expecting a Move bundle price drop to $50, Move bundle with Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, and Move support for Uncharted 3.

OliverKO3078d ago

Oh yes, good prediction! A Move bundle at a better price would be most welcome, and sure something SCE would be considering!

LOGICWINS3078d ago

If Sony also drops the PS3 to $250, then ud be able to get a PS3 and its corresponding motion device for $300. This would put it on par with the $300 Kinect bundle...except that the average consumer can see that they'll be getting 156 more gigs if they opt for the PS3 bundle at the SAME price lol.

khamvongsa093078d ago

i'm pretty sure that won't happen because of the upcoming vita..

LOGICWINS3078d ago

Your absolutely right...which is why I predict the Vita will get a price drop before or soon after it launches.