Gamescom 2011: PSU's community & staff predictions

PSU writes: "Gamescom has evolved into quite the mighty beast since its inception only two years ago. Now one of the most prolific events on the gaming calendar, the Cologne-based shindig has pulled plenty of punches when it comes to eyeball-popping announcements, from the unveiling of the PlayStation 3 Slim in 2009 to Resistance 3’s announcement last summer. Punters flock to the convention in their droves, with 2010’s bash pulling in a whopping 254,000 visitors – a number that is sure to skyrocket over the next couple of years."

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shadowwizard2838d ago

Please new Quanitc Dream game, pretty please.

thong_pounder2838d ago

I'm hoping for a price cut so i could buy a another ps3 my 160 gb uncharted bundle ylod couple of weeks ago.

firemassacre2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

crap man i know how you feel, mine lasted 4 good years until it yloded. the slims last a long time right? like 4 years?

ares, i was playing it for like 12 hours a day, so i saw it coming i suppose. the ps3 was a beast though, lasting as long as it did.

Ares902838d ago

wow, I'm afraid mine would die too (2008 80gb), but I always have kinda good luck with my consoles. I've taken my ps3 to another country, had to buy a voltage converter and still doing great. Guess I could still play in my NES.

squallheart2838d ago

Sad to hear that about ure ps3. I have had mine since launch and it ylod last year, got repaired by gophermods and just like new. Im hoping a price cut because i still want to buy another one just for rpgs when i put in long hours. Please announce a price cut sony!

KingofGambling2838d ago

Quantic Dreams project
Dotnod Adrift
the comeback of Eight Days and The Getaway
and PS3 price cut