Release date of next Dynasty Warrior game announced

Video game publisher Tecmo KOIE has revealed that Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends for PlayStation 3 will be released in North America starting on November 15th 2011. The game is being developed by Omega Force.

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vglulz3084d ago

Can't wait. The Dynasty series is awesome.

Tuxmask553084d ago

Seriously? They haven't made enough of these yet?

RockmanII73084d ago

November is too full, 1st has Uncharted and Sonic Gen. 8th has Modern Warfare 3. 15th has AssCreed Revelations, Halo CEA, Saints Row 3, ect. 22nd surprisingly has nothing but the 29th has the Metal Gear Solid collection. Tecmo should just delay it until January 2012.