Mass Effect Love Scene Finally Revealed

After a video snafu earlier this week, it seems that the real love scene from Mass Effect has finally been revealed.

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Ahhhh4932d ago

Blue Chick: That was Amazing!
Commander: Ready for a Round 2.?
blue Chick: *Giggle* Commander.


C_SoL4932d ago

whatever....Xbox owners are gonna have a good time on this game.....while i'm having a good time on uncharted....

Bonsai12144932d ago

haha.. that dialog.. "by the goddess, that was incredible"

Panthers4932d ago

yea that was so corny... that whole scene was. lol.

gamesblow4932d ago

Garbage! Utter, filth and garbage! The creepy dialect and static movements of these modles rendered in polygonal form is enough to make Peter Bark "the son from Burial Ground" seem normal. Wow...

socomnick4932d ago

Stfu your annoying I'm ignoring you.

Evil0Angel4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

you want man-on-man action=go and play with Jack Thomson

C_SoL4932d ago

i'll fu<k the blu chick & the Commander.....hahahaha! Deep Space sex! hahaha. you people should watch Space Nuts, its a good movie. lol

Loopy4932d ago

Lesbian love scene.
Interesting, but not as good japanese porn games :)

DeFFeR4932d ago

Much better than the one earlier this week.

Not "nasty", and undoubtedly classy. No nudity, no dirty sounds, just what it is, a romantic relationship in a videogame.

Different, but not mind blowing.