5 Xbox 360 Exclusives that PS3 Owners Would Die to have on their Consoles

"After writing the PS3 exclusives article, this Xbox 360 article was inevitabe, otherwise it would’ve been very unfair to Microsoft’s console. Xbox 360 has often been labeled as a console only for shooters, although I would agree with this statement to some extent but it’s not entirely true. Xbox 360 has a vast variety of games on its platform and being the first “next gen” console in the market, 360 enjoyed fair amount of exclusives for a whole year, by default, but those exclusives eventually made their way to PS3. Still Xbox 360 has some great exclusive titles under its belt which other console owners drool upon. So below is a list of five such games that we’ve compiled."

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TurismoGTR2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

If I wanted a 360, I could've easily purchased one already especially during ;last years Black Friday.

In all honestly, the PS3 is where the best games are at.

Ducky2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

... so you decide to deprive yourself of a console and its library?

In all honesty, gamers shouldn't purposely confine themselves to one platform.

Micro_Sony2839d ago

You can get a working 360 for $79 on ebay.

Just saying

FunAndGun2839d ago

But then you have to pay for the online. If there was no pay to play I would use my 360 more.

It is not about the money, just don't feel right being forced to pay extra for online play.

Ravens202839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

You're not missing out on much. Gears is OK. But Halo is VERY overrated. It's an average game, really don't see why its so popular. Guess its true when people say most of 360s fanbase are 12 year olds who like power rangers.

BubbleSniper2839d ago

lol Ebay? everyone who knows their shit on N4G knows you do NOT buy a used 360. buy it new, the Xbox 360s or whatever its called is way more reliable than the previous junk sold before it. i even give it my approval since its finally M$ proper offering of their xbox console

Rattlehead202839d ago


Halo deserves every credential it gets because the MP is second to none.

It provides what not alot of MP games have...Unscripted moments of hilarity.

But going by the last sentence you wrote, you are a pathetic fanboy who would probably preach about how great Halo is if it was on PS3

Getowned2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I have L4D2 on pc is fun the online co-op is amazing.I always wanted to try fable and forza.I have palyed halo 3 MP a few times and it was pretty good it was fun i liked it.If the rumors are true and Windows 8 will play 360 games then i will definitely play a few for sure!

I have the money to buy a 360 right now but im already soo busy with my gaming rig,and ps3 but the biggest thing is next gen is right around the corner and im not sure if i want to invest in a 360 at this time.

ABizzel12839d ago

I have a 360, but if Gears, Forza, and Left 4 Dead were on PS3, then there would be no need for me to own a 360, and even then I waited until the first $199 price drop to get my 360 (actually I got one for $99 in January right after the first $199 price drop, Wal-Mart had this after Christmas sell, and I got the very last one.)

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my 360, but most of the games I buy for it are multiplats that I could have gotten on the PS3 as well. The only good thing about the 360 over the PS3 for me personally is that most of my actual friends that game own a 360, while only a few own a PS3. But I considered them casual/core gamers and for them one system is enough. Everytime I show them PS3 exclusives they're impressed, but they only want to play sports games, and shooters, so I guess the 360 is perfect for them. I on the other hand enjoy variety and that's what the PS3 has in spades.

OdinFallen2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Your comment shows your ignorance and your stupidity.

Claiming that the PS3 has the best games is wholeheartedly one of the most moronic comments you can make. (regardless of the mass amount of PS fanboys and trolls here on N4G). One single person, like yourself, has every right to claim they prefer the games on one console over the other. However saying something as absolute as one has better games completely ignores the fact that people have preferences and at the end of the day some people just don't like certain games. Point and case, I don't enjoy Killzone or Resistance (not from a lack of play). God of War III was awful, the first 2 were much better. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Uncharted but hated the second. I could keep spouting my Opinion and Preference in games but it would most likely slip past your narrow-minded brain.

Each console has its ups and downs, goods and bads, and by all means play what you enjoy most. But "In all honesty" as you said, the best games are not on the PS3 nor are they on any particular console. In general, the best games are the ones the individual, the player, most enjoys. For you, the games you like, the best games, are on the PS3. For myself, a little more complicated, but I stick to my 360 and PC and whenever necessary (Bleach: Soul Resureccion/Ar Tonellico/ETC) play the PS3.

Cut the bullshit and idiocy, if you had any respect for gamers and developers you wouldn't be so ignorant and you would show a little respect for console that has revolutionized certain aspects of the industry just like the PS3 and Wii(among other consoles).

SilentNegotiator2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

"... so you decide to deprive yourself of a console and its library?"
Some people "deprived" themselves of the CD-I, too. A gamer doesn't have to own every console ever made. Even the Apple Pippin had some good games (i believe?), too, but I didn't consider not getting as "depriving" myself.

beastgamer2839d ago

Fable 3, Really?
Alan Wake, That should of been on the PS3 with Move. Because Remedy decided to accept Microsoft Exclusive offer, they got punished in sales, real bad.
Halo, Gears, And Left 4 Dead is the only option well games that ps3 gamers would like that is it, but like I said, I do have a 360, but most 360 gamers are tend to go towards shooters.
I played Alan Wake and that was a good game, but then again, it didn't get the attention it should of got.

Arnon2839d ago

Here's the 360 games I'd want on my PS3.

Alan Wake
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (Yes, I found it to be damn fun)
Earth Defense Force 2017
Fable 2
Gears of War
Mass Effect 1
Splinter Cell: Conviction

Istanbull2839d ago

I had a 360 and believe me, I am not dying to play them on my PS3.

Gears is meh

Fable sucks

Halo is boring

Anon19742839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Meh. As a multi console owner, the only games I can honestly say I would have missed out on if I didn't own a 360 would be the Gears series and Halo 3 (not Halo Retch. Don't get me started.) Maybe Fable 2. I had a good time with Fable 2.

Other than that, for me, there hasn't really been any standout exclusives I feel I would have missed out on.

DatNJDom812839d ago

There's nothing on 360 that PS3 only gamers are missing out on. Seriously. As a former 360 owner, the games on there are seriously OVERRATED. The quality of PS3 exclusives surpass everything on 360. If you have a PS3/PC, then there's no need for a 360. Unless u like paying for cross game chat and enjoy the laggy experience of kinect, theres really no need for it. Of course this is just my opinion. Just like there's people that enjoy 360 more than PS3.

_Aarix_2839d ago


Cut the crap, You don't have a 360. Your bio says your a ps3 fans and none of your comments have anything xbox related. only ps3 related

Brosy2839d ago Show
NewZealander2839d ago

i own both consoles, and probably spend more time playing ps3 lately, but i finally got around to playing fable 3, and honestly it made me think that people who only own the ps3 are missing out, no other 360 exclusive has made me think that.

MaxXAttaxX2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

* Fable 3? That's not very convincing.
* Left 4 Dead(which a lot of people already played on PC) and Alan Wake are the only two possibilities out of that list.

Otherwise I don't think anyone here is really dying, lol

Is it so hard for people to accept that certain games just don't have any appeal to other people?


You act as if these games were beyond anything ever made.
People have their own tastes. They DON'T have to own every console and every game to be true gamers.
It's possible for a lot of people to already have tried (these)games in the past and not have enjoyed them.

BattleAxe2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I think the article is pointing in the wrong direction. I don't want any Xbox 360 games on my PS3, I want them on Steam, or at the very least Games For Windows Live. Give me the Halo franchise and the Gears franchise, with a bit of Forza sprinkled on top. I know Halo: CE and Halo 2 are available for PC on physical media, but I want digital versions, and its great that Gears of War is on GFWL, but I'd like to see Gear 2+3 on PC also.

@ Getowned

Well said!

@ Brosy

Sounds like you might have a serious sinus infection, you should get that checked by a doctor.

Pixel_Pusher2839d ago

L4D, Halo everything else...

Perjoss2839d ago

Why do people only talk about the exclusives, there are many multi platform games that look and sometimes play better too on the 360, sometimes very big titles like GTA4 being sub HD on the playstation.

NewMonday2839d ago

i wish they would go to the old XBOX days when they would always try to bring something new.

Jade Empire
Phantom Dust

and in the early days of 360, games that are(or were) exclusive:

Lost Odyssey
Tales of Vespirea
Eternal Sonata
Mass Effect
Dead Rising
Gears of War

MS current publishing strategy is unfortunate for core gamers, it seams they are settled with their install base and see no need to invest in constant verity.

Ducky2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

"You act as if these games were beyond anything ever made.
People have their own tastes. They DON'T have to own every console and every game to be true gamers."

Whoa, slow down there cowboy. I never said (or implied) that these games were beyond anything ever made.

Also, I never once said anything about 'true gamers'.

All I said is that if you're a gamer and have the means, then instead of purposely limiting yourself, why not buy a console and experience what it has to offer?

Of course, it was all falling on deaf ears anyways, as a quick glimpse at Turismo's history will tell you what kind of a user he is.

Boody-Bandit2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I completely disagree with this list or any list that says 5 360 anything that anyone would die for. In 2007 this would've been true but now? Ah no.

The ONLY game I am looking forward to on the 360 this year is Forza 4. End of story. I am Halo'd out and I didn't care for Gears 2. The Gears 3 beta was decent but I'm on the fence whether or not I am getting it.

The 360 is seriously hurting for exclusive games and I don't see that changing for the remainder of this generation.

DragonKnight2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

The 360 has exclusives now?

*looks over list*

I would rather live than have those exclusives thanks. Don't have an interest in any of them whatsoever.

BeOneWithTheGun2839d ago

Actually, each person has their preference. For me, it depends on what my friends are playing and on what console. I love PS exclusives. I also love LIVE and the party feature.

In all honesty I just wait to see what multiplat looks best on and then get it for that console when it comes to deciding between the two. Also, I have to factor in wear and tear. I game a lot. If I bought all the upcoming games this year for one system it would probably die on me by Thanksgiving. I mean if I bought Skyrim and Rage and Batman all for one unit, it would never be shut off and fry.

Lazy_Sunday2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Don't try to sound ignorantly smart yet smug about your opinion, you'll get... disagrees... lol too late.
...Especially when you go into depth about those games without fair comparison. Now, I'll show you where you screwed up. Killzone and SOCOM were never AMAZING, but has the same potential to be one had it the audience of Halo or Gears. I personally do not enjoy ANY of those games--they somehow feel more generic than Black Ops. I hope Resistance 2 was a bad dream, and when Resistance 3 comes around the corner they'll leave off where RFOM began since it was awesome. I can't say I agree with your case against God of War 3, as I enjoyed it much more than the first two. Saying you like Uncharted 1 better than 2? Eh, I couldn't agree at all, and this might get a lot of people curious, since the first game didn't hold the same depth the second did.

When you really fuck yourself is when you go into that opinion segment about narrow-mindedness--after completely showing us how narrow minded you are, listing good games that you've hated without good reason. You know, the games you hated have a lot more depth to them, much more finesse and story to go along. But you have got to realize...

The 360 has a history of exclusives being focused with a very narrow-minded view. Very weak storylines, weak single player, but strong aesthetics and strong multiplayer. People don't buy 360s for the storyline of Halo or Gears, because people could give two shits! People want to blow each other up. Play sports games. Jump around on Kinect. They don't care about the engagement in the game, just the engagement with other people.

Now has the 360 tried? Yeah. Alan Wake and Fable are great examples. But Fable has favored a very co-op flavored approach. The PS3 has had a history of redefining that depth and pushing it forward--the very weakness of the 360. The PS3 has the strong aesthetics, strong stories and strong single player. Strong depth. So do you appreciate the narrow-mindedness that games are becoming more than the depth and story telling that follows? Or were you just trying to state a point that there are more games than just the games on the PS3 like a total asswipe? Seriously, here's some good advice: there's no reason to type like that.


Die for some games? What's this? Fox news? Anyway, the games I would get a 360 for are:
Kameo: Elements of Power
Lost Odyssey
Dead Rising
Perfect Dark Zero
Alan Wake

I played all those games and they are top quality exclusives, I like those games as much as any PS3 exclusive, except maybe for Alan Wake but still good quality game, I don't really know why MS ignores those franchises, I understand they are more focused on Kinect right now, but in my opinion they are wasting resources assigning top devs like Rare to it and not being in talks with developers they have great relationship with like Mistwalker... But quite frankly, I don't see 360 owners asking for it too.

Oddly enough, although neither would be my picks, I would take Halo over Gears any day, differently from most PS3 only owners that commented here. I didn't played Halo Reach so I won't comment on it, but Halo 3 wasn't a bad game in any way, while I felt out right bored with both Gears games, specially the second one.

Also I would of pick me some Fable, Metro 2033 and the first Mass Effect, but I can get it on PC (except for Fable 2) so it kinds of kills the reason for this list (5 games you would buy a 360 for).

AntoineDcoolette2839d ago

I'm surprised at how many disagrees gameguru has. Its almost as if 38 people straight up told him "F*** ACTION GAMES!"

EmperorDalek2839d ago

These comments prove that most of the people on n4g are PS3 fanboys.

Kurt Russell2839d ago

I have a PS3 and a 360... And I play my 360 over the PS3 - OMFG Shock horror!!!! And I pay for xbox LIVE - HOLY BALLS!! And I am 16 years older than a 12 year old - SHIIIII.

Hold your faces on, I hope this hasn't melted them!

HappyGaming2838d ago

I have a PC/PS3 combo (best thing for me on my budget) and I would have to agree with Rattlehead20 Halo provides so much fun and I still cant put my finger on why I play Halo Combact Evolved on PC half the time :P

Its multiplayer just has a thing that makes it tick.

ConstipatedGorilla2838d ago

True, but that's the exact same argument I use in all the "PS3 exclusive!" articles. I can easily afford one if I wanted one...

Treyb3yond2838d ago

Isn't left4dead2 coming to ps3?

As for the guy up there going on about how he hates gow3 and uncharted 2. Wow! I'm guessing he has the worst taste you can imagine.

Who gives a shit about taste, ps3 has more exclusives to choose from
and is therefor better. Thats just a fact.

MysticStrummer2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

If I wanted a 360, I could have had one for Christmas every year since it launched. I turn down the offer every time in favor of getting 4 or 5 games that I missed on the PS3 during that year. The only 360 exclusive I'd want is Alan Wake. I'd add L4D to that, but someone always points out that it isn't 360 exclusive. I know that, but can't stand gaming on a PC. @FatOldMan - It's not deprivation if you have no interest in that platform's library.

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Gray-Fox-Type02839d ago

They would die and kill for

Forza < ultimate racing game

kneon2839d ago

Really? It's hard to take a racing game with a rewind feature seriously.

SixShotCop2839d ago

It also hard for me to spend money on an unfinished game. We all know which game i'm talking about. ;)

Shepherd 2142839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Really? Its hard to take a racing game that imports half of its car models from a PS2 game seriously.

kneon2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

@Shepherd 214

That's a pretty lame comeback when the number of new cars alone in GT5 outnumbers all the cars in Forza. The rest are just a bonus. I'm up to 507 so far and that's only half of them.

Besides, how does the number or quality of cars affect the racing? Rewind is the most noobish feature I can think of for a racing game. If you screw up then deal with it, it's time to grow up.

Hicken2839d ago

Only Halo I liked is Reach. And I wouldn't die/kill for it. Fun game, though.

Gears seems pretty interesting. I wouldn't mind playing it. Kill and or die for it? Naahhh.

Forza? I'd rather go back to the original Xbox and play SegaGT 2002.

Echo3072839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )


There's 1031 cars in GT5, and only 221 of them are 'premium cars'. Forza 3 will have 500+, and they'll all be the equivalent of GT5's 'premium' cars.

And you want to talk about a lame comeback? How about saying because a game gives you the OPTION to rewind the race, it's immediately hard to take it seriously. I mean really, it's an OPTION. You don't have to use it. If you're such teh hardcorez raca, then don't use it... simple.

That's like saying it's hard to take GT5 seriously because it has an online mode and you don't like playing online.

baodeus2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )


Saying rewind feature is a noobish feature (or like many on here said that widening track in forza make it arcade racing instead) is like saying track editor in GT5 make it not a racing sim.

What do those 2 have incommon? They are both OPTIONAL.

@digital raptor

"So when PS3 owners enjoy the games they preach it's just BS and they're all overrated? Opinions are fun right? Cut the crap - you haven't even played all of the games that you claim to be mediocre or crap, so how would you even know? Review scores? Sales?"

I agree totally. That is the problem with this site. Many own only one console thinking they have the best games. Given that though, i hope u didn't agree with ravens20 about Halo being overated and then somehow derived to a conclusion that +11millions halo gamers are 12 year old. Funny he get 44 agrees. Sure tell a lot about this sites.


"Microsoft is the reason for COD, braining washing kids" last i heard it also brain wash kids on ps3 as well. Disagree, go look it up on what is the current highest game franchise sold on ps3 right now?

ChrisW2839d ago

WTF?!? Didn't we have a crackheaded piece of garbage poor excuse for hits like this for the PS3?

I really believe so. Thus let me repeat myself:

You know... If I were "DYING" to play an exclusive game, I would just go out and buy the fracking console that the game is on. Who gives a frack about such stupid fantard regurgitated crap!

BTW, didn't even click on the article. I'm not going to give fantards my hit.

DualConsoleOwner2839d ago

Wii sold crap load. it must have tons of quality right?

360 fanboys bring up sales because they literally have nothing else to brag about. or cant refute that 360 is seriously lacking exclusives.

Hicken2839d ago

Online play doesn't affect the outcome of a race. "Imported" car models don't affect the outcome of a race. The purported mid-race saves coming to GT won't affect the outcome of a race.

They're all OPTIONS, as you don't need ANY of them to play the game.

You don't need rewind to play the game, either. But it DOES affect the outcome of a race. That's not very serious.

MysticStrummer2838d ago

I'd pass on Halo, Gears, and Forza if they came to PS3, but I'm glad you called Forza a game and not a sim. We agree on that at least.

Gray-Fox-Type02838d ago

@ kneon

get owned by echo. fanboys owned to dust.

MOTY2838d ago

@ Hicken

"You don't need rewind to play the game, either. But it DOES affect the outcome of a race. That's not very serious."

You mean like pressing start and then selecting "restart" if you think you are going to lose a race?

I find it rather odd that you would say that comment there when you consider the amount of bumber car gameplay occurs during the game on and offline where someone can smash into you causing you to lose the race yet that person suffer ZERO consequences for the collide with you and end up winning the race.

Do you take that as a seriouse game? If so, then I agree with an arcade racing game and NOT a sim.

Gray-Fox-Type02838d ago

@MOTY damn some serious owning there lol the GT fanboys logic is very flawed indeed.

baodeus2838d ago


Of course sale doesn't equal quality (its equate to how popular it is), but rating does. Are you saying halo doesn't have good rating? How many people still play halo vs. other games like KZ/Resistance/UC etc...? I don't know what u think, but that is quality to me (even though i don't like FPS, but i have to give credit where it is due).

Or unless u want me to take what u said or your opinion as fact?

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fr0sty2839d ago

OK, I think this marks the 255th time I've seen this exact same article with the exact same headline posted on this site. And then the obligatory reverse "X number of exclusives that 360 gamers wished they had on their console". Garbage "journalists" who have nothing better to write about, so they regurgitate the same old crap to try to generate hits. I think list articles should be banned for that reason, same shit different article.

lelo2play2839d ago

There are some disk exclusives that the PS3 fanboys would probably like, but they have a better set of disk exclusives then the X360.

Where the X360 shines is the online store. The X360's online store has better exclusives then the PS3's online store.

Arnon2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I don't get it... if they were "the best", wouldn't you own more than 8?

Anyway, "best" is a subjective word.

palaeomerus2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

They are a huge let down actually. When I got my PS3 I ended up learning very fast that PS3 owners try to overrate almost anything. They make huge fools of themselves trying to make four good games and six more mediocre ones and 10 crappy ones sound like 20 amazing games.

cobblestone192839d ago

@Arnon: I have many more games, I only put my collectors editions there.

@palaeomerus: Are you sure your not talking about 360 exclusives? Or Multi-plats?

DigitalRaptor2839d ago

Oh right palaeomerus,

So when PS3 owners enjoy the games they preach it's just BS and they're all overrated? Opinions are fun right? Cut the crap - you haven't even played all of the games that you claim to be mediocre or crap, so how would you even know? Review scores? Sales? Don't make me laugh.

Don't get jealous that Sony fans are being given more choice and variety from the company they support, than you are... whether it's from the incredible, the great, the good, the mediocre or the awful. And this choice and variety isn't diminishing any time soon on said platform.

ChrisW2839d ago

I think what palaeomerus is trying to do is equating PS3 owners to Mac users.

JaredH2839d ago

lol you even have a bravia.

andibandit2839d ago


You are so right, i wont deny that the PS3 has the best exclusives out, cause it does.However IF you are looking for for some insight of a PS3 exclusive game, the LAST thing you should do is ask another PS3 owner.

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Pl4sm42839d ago

uncharted beats gears anyday man

_Aarix_2839d ago

try saying that in a article not swarmed with ps3 assholes.

DigitalRaptor2839d ago

@ Aarix

you mean people who have the right to express their opinion through experience. it's so wrong to prefer PlayStation just because the 360 populous is outnumbered on a particular site?

Philoctetes2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I would like to play Alan Wake. That seems like a game that I would probably enjoy.

Otherwise, there's honestly not a single game in the 360's library that I have any interest in, now that Mass Effect is multiplatform.

nnotdead2839d ago

Alan Wake and Lost Odyssey are the only two i would really like to play. i also enjoy Forza, but i tend to become bored with racing. there are also a bunch of different racing games already available for the PS3 that i enjoy.

i am not a big fan of either Gears or Halo, and don't even get me started on Fable. the games that almost made me choose the 360 over my PS3 where Mass Effect and Bioshock, but at that time i decided to also build a PC. those two games where on the PC also, so i went with the PS3 with MGS4 and FFXII coming down the road. since then i haven't found another game that mad me want to purchase a 360 on top of my PC/PS3 combo.

HebrewHammer2839d ago

The only title in there I would bother fighting to get on PS3 is Alan Wake.
The rest I've played, and I can say my experience with PS3 exclusives is unrivaled.
I'm replaying MGS4 right now just for kicks and even now in 2011, that game blows me away.
I would choose MGS4 over the entirety of the 360 library any day - and that's just MGS4!
We've also got Uncharted, Killzone, LBP, GT5, and inFamous backing it.
Sorry, I love ya Xbox, I really do.
But these are the reason why my PS3 remains in my room while the 360 sits and collects dust in that "other" room.

ChrisW2839d ago

You lost me at LBP...