Top 5 Bestselling Publishers of 2011 so far

MaxNintendo: "We often hear people say sales don’t matter in the videogame industry. However, at the end of the day, sales are what make or break videogame developers and publishers, decide whether a franchise will continue to live, or die in the dust, and is ultimately responsible for driving the industry. So, we have gandered through several sources and sales specialist sites in order to compile a list of 2011′s best-selling publishers so far."

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Rrobba2837d ago

I'm happy that Sony and Nintendo are doing well.

I am, on the other hand, unhappy that Ubisoft are mainly there because of Just Dance, and that Activision are there because of Word of Warcraft and Call of Duty.

DarkCharizard_2837d ago

Nintendo is the best in the history of video games!

guitarded772837d ago

Really surprised to see Ubi at #3... good for them.

Mario4life2837d ago

all there are pretty great charizard, quit being a fan boy, you make nintendo fans look back, microsoft brought internet to consoles, sony brought opitical media, and nintendo restarted the game industry they have all done something to make gaming history....

beastgamer2836d ago

Sony should get more credit for their first party games, infamous 2 and killzone 3 are amazing games and should get higher sales. I still don't know why some stupid 360 gamers are like, ps3 has no games, but they tend to have more higher rated games with an 8 or higher rated. When I play 360 only thing comes to mine is them talking about halo, gears, and cod like those 3 games are better and ps3 has no games. They also act like games like bioshock or fallout is only 360. Those forza fanboys need to stfu! Really.
Gran Turismo 5 is Hot, was it as good as they wanted. No, but no game is perfect. It already sold 6.3 million, and that was as of march 2011

HappyGaming2836d ago

Wait where is Microsoft? Oh wait...

AngryTypingGuy2836d ago

Who in the hell says "sales don’t matter in the videogame industry"? What an idiotic statement.

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NeloAnjelo2836d ago

Well said Rrobba. Unfourtanely Nintendo are there for games like Zumba Fitness, and all the dance stuff.
I know Mario, Kirby etc sell well, but if a check was done on the number of quality titles from those publishes, the highest would be from Sony. While Ubisoft and Activision have Just Dance, Assaissin's Creed and COD.

Nintendo152837d ago

I can't believe that Activision are fourth and soon to be third. That sucks. Sony and several other publishers deserve to be above Activision IMO.

doctorstrange2837d ago

"So, we have gandered through several sources and sales specialist sites"


Squatch832837d ago

Good to see Nintendo still sells the most :)

eagle212836d ago

Nintendo on another usual. 3DS sales in japan exploded last week to like 215,000 sold.

BattleAxe2837d ago

Looks like alot of people bought Wii Fit.

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