Ace Combat 6 reviewed by and receives an 8/10

With all of the games graphical prowess it appears that it's not as good as previous Ace Combats.

Taken from review:
"I've been playing the Ace Combat games for about five years. I own 4,5, 0, X and now 6. All of them are really solid games, but it's gotten to the point where they can't evolve the franchise anymore. Does this make the game bad, well for starters no. The game is solid, but it's not the best in the franchise. That prize seems to be held (in my opinion) by Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. In many aspects it seems to be half the game that Ace Combat 5 was. You have half the planes, half the missions and a terrible story."

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Maddens Raiders5689d ago (Edited 5689d ago )

Some games just belong on certain systems. Mario on Nintendo, Halo on XBox and Ace Combat on PlayStation. I've played it and there's something that just doesn't *feel right, plus the story is watered down and the selection of aircraft is surprisingly paltry. I've been playing this series for years and hate to see it "take a step down" like this. Can't wait 'til it hits the PS3's shores.

tomfoolery5689d ago

because it helped 360 sales in Japan.
The next Ace Combat should be a lot better..........on the 360 hehe.

Maddens Raiders5689d ago (Edited 5689d ago )

This was a very lukewarm debut on the 360 for such a storied franchise. Namco knows better - can't wait to see the PS3 iteration. I'm sure it will shine brightly if done right.

highps35689d ago

Oh right, its not exclusive. My bad.