Guitar Hero III For Nintendo Wii Is Mono Sound Only?

Reports have been flying across the web claiming that Guitar Hero III for the Nintendo Wii plays in mono sound only. If true, this could be a huge disaster for Activision and Nintendo. Guitar Hero III is supposed to support Dolby Pro Logic II quality sound.

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aiphanes4926d ago

I hope a fix comes out...have they ever patches a wii game?

scarlett_rg4926d ago

Not that it's necessary to be able to tell, but plugging headphones into my receiver it's clear that the game ISN'T mono.

Also the "evidence" displayed on that site is garbage too. If you sample the Wii Menu music over a longer period, and then display both channels on the same graph, the difference would ALSO be negligible (if at all noticeable).

Regardless of the "supposed 'evidence'", the game IS NOT mono. Anyone who believes this story is a dumb-ass.

Shankle4926d ago

huge disaster? fat chance. Whoever wrote this article must have forgotten that the vast majority of people who own a wii and are getting guitar hero will not care about sound quality.

PS360WII4926d ago

How is this a big disaster when it's sold so well already and still rocks the house when playing?

M_Prime4926d ago

somehow this does not bother me at all... the game is still fun.. :-)

and online works great so i dunno if i want good online or do i want dolby? i mean i don't exactly have a 7.1 surround sound.. just my TV hooked up to my old stereo through R/L wire.. thats all.. nothing amazing.. and as long as i get L and R i'm FINE!

not a huge blow.. trust me.. but may sway a few of the people that can't decided what version they want..

Stoned Alone4926d ago

mon owould just be L, ass

M_Prime4926d ago

what the article states that you get the same on both speakers.. and like you said.. both get L.. and when you play online i'm sure L and R are seprate.. cause my cousin messes up only the song plays bad on my right.. and my left side is fine..

basically the game is still awsome

Robeezy4926d ago

Seriously, I hate the wii. It is so lame and a disgrace to next gen gaming (even though it isn't next gen). My friend didn't want his anymore so he gave it to me. I've had it for almost a year now and almost never play it. I beat zelda and most of metroid then just put it down. Its a waste of space and i can't stand that it sells so well and people think its innovative. Its not. Its a gamecube with a new controller with little kid games. Sorry i had to get that out.

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The story is too old to be commented.