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Player Affinity writes: "Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been long in the making, with the last title in the series having been released in 2004, and development taking place over the course of 4 years. The legacy of the franchise and the long development time have led to certain expectations for the new first-person RPG, set to release August 23rd. Whether or not it will meet those expectations is a question that can be answered next week, but for now, let's see what kind of game Human Revolution will be."

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Dynasty20213087d ago

Played the beta *cough*.

Feels alot like an FPS version of Metal Gear Solid 4 with Deux Ex sprinkled ontop.

Pretty damn good then. But somehow feels a bit...err....bland?

I dunno, maybe I fell for the hype, I just wasnt blown away all that much.