LegitGamer - Why Kameo Deserves a Sequel

LegitGamer - Rare began development on Kameo long before its eventual release date on the 360, on different console – the Gamecube – and for a Nintendo instead of Microsoft. It shows, offering a beautiful HD world full of interesting creatures and locations that wouldn’t seem out of place in a Zelda title. Perhaps it is for this reason alone that I think Kameo deserves a sequel, that there just isn’t enough adventure on the 360.

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Omar913076d ago

i remember when i first saw kameo at walmart being demoed... I thought it was the most beautifulest thing I had ever seen lol. it was a good looking game when it came out. never had the chance to actually play it besides the demo.

likedamaster3076d ago

It's a great game, characters control smoothly, and the engine did what other games still can't do. Co-op campaign as well.

Been asking for a sequel to this for a while already.

Nolando3076d ago

You would think with microsoft being all casual lately they would make a sequal to this game with optional kinect controls...

Why o why3076d ago

Rares hands have been tied...casually. Im not sure of their team size but it seems ms wants them fully focused on other projects. You know the ones. Kameo doesnt seem like a casual game....more of a core game that might appeal more to casuals. Get angry and start a petition, doesnt cost much if anything at all

Nolando3076d ago

well im not really angry, it would be nice to have a sequal with those features thats all.