Top 10 Franchises That Need a Reboot

GameZone's David Sanchez decides what classic games need to be reinvented and presents the Top 10 Franchises that Need a Reboot.

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Godmars2903085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

If Streets of Rage is done, it needs to be PSN/XBL only. Not a full/disc based title. A side scroller.

As for FF - how many times must it be said that each game *IS* a reboot? Each game before the idea of XIII came around took place in their own world with only things like Chocobos and monster types being similar. If anything needs to be done with the series its that characters need to be focused on more while stories are made less convoluted. Everyone complains about the political angle in XII and XIII's story was just a wasted mess.

Would also be nice if they did more with vehicles and world exploration - enough with the walking around every bloody where!

lance423085d ago

Vehicles and world exploration would be amazing. A true open world Final Fantasy. Make it.

ChiVoLok03085d ago

I would like to see Conker again.

Venox20083085d ago

Conker is great, but I would like that it was like Bad fur day...because those jokes were....perfect!!! :)

tiffac3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Reboot FF? You mean remake a FF title. I'm not sure rebooting a franchise that has no connection with one another (story wise) is worth doing so or would be accepted by the fans.

I'm not sure about how I would feel if RE gets a reboot ^^;;

Superted20073085d ago

Who the hell says Tetris needs a freakin reboot?

It's impossible to change the core gameplay of tetris without making an entirely new and different game which you would have no right to call a tetris game!

Tetris is Tetis and that is why it is possibly the best puzzler ever made. Changing it in anyway except adding additional extra modes or newer graphics and more ports would be beyond stupid it would be like....I don't even have an example of another idea that stupid to compare it too!

NukaCola3085d ago

There are 50k types of Tetris. Its been rebooted to boot, plus theres a new version that came out this year on PSN/XBL

Superted20073085d ago

Of course it's playable on every electronic device I can think of in one form or another...but that's a port not a reboot.

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The story is too old to be commented.