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ksense2834d ago

never before seen last guardian footage sounds really nice. hope they throw in a demo too or a code for early access (the new thing that everyone does nowadays!!) if not ready. anyways pre ordered a while back and good to hear stuff like this.

badz1492834d ago

year end is going to be crazy with lots and lots of new games and collections(GoW and Ico)!

jagstatboy2834d ago

played but never finished both on ps2, will not make the same mistake (meaning, gonna get this version and play all the way thru)

xabmol2826d ago

ICO is like 4-5 hours long! How did you NOT finish it??

jagstatboy2825d ago

got in late to the PS2, was already playing PS3 games.

ChiVoLok02834d ago

Lots of gold trophies. Should be interesting...

DaTruth2834d ago

The only HD remake I've bought was BG&E and although it looks a lot cleaner, it doesn't look much better. These games seem to be remastered with a lot more work... and these games looked much better in the first place!

Can't wait for this!

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The story is too old to be commented.