Tropico 4 Officially Dated

Kalypso Media have sent out a press release stating the official release date for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Tropico 4 .

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Phil40003082d ago

Did the release date change, I thought it was coming out August 30th on PC?

lucifon3082d ago

There's a good chance it could be 26th in the UK and 30th in the US. I'll fire off an e-mail back and see if I can confirm that for you.

lucifon3081d ago

Sorry I was abit slow with this. A Kalypso Media representative confirmed to me that this is the UK release, so I imagine the 30th is still on the cards for the US.

SRTold3082d ago

Very cool. I love Tropico games. My favorite one though was Tropico 2: Pirates Cove.. I wish there was a sequal for that one coming.