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Jacob at wrote:

"Well folks, the Summer of Arcade has come to an end (for now), and they saved the best for last. Signal Studios has brought us the epic sequel to their Toy Soldiers franchise, Toy Soldiers: Cold War. Cold War brings us a more modern playing field than there was in their first game. Being set in a 50s-60s style in the first, we’re now playing on a 80s style playing field as well as with 80s style soldier figurines. Your battlements have also been modernized, still keeping the six main battlements of course; Machine Gun, Mortars, Anti-Tank, Artillery, Anti-Air, and Hazard (Flamethrower)..."

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firemassacre3083d ago

played it on 360, it was great

newleaf3083d ago

Well of course you played it on 360, it is exclusive