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waltyftm2841d ago

That looks freaking sweet, just a shame Cashcom is involved, think i will wait until super or arcade edition comes out.

AngelGirl162841d ago

Ya but this game is impossible to wait for. Have you seen that trailer. Im buying this on day 1.Ibuki in the game so that obviously means mokoto gone to be in it :). The only thing im disappointed with was that yoshi was teamed up with raven. It should of have been bryan.

waltyftm2841d ago

That's what i thought too, Bryan is the obvious choice.

Baka-akaB2841d ago

why would bryan team with yoshi ? they are bitter ennemies now . Besides i dont worry bryan will make the cut , and is rumored to be paired with jack

Quagmire2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I'm more curious as to why Nina is tagging with Kazuya in this game also. Kazuya tagged with Anna in Tekken 6 to take down his son who was tagged with Nina.

Capcom is retarded when it comes to Tekken characters imo.

Although this would explain why Yoshi is tagging with Raven, kinda, and definitely not with Bryan Fury:

Kurisu2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I've never played Street Fighter, but I am getting this. Looks so good! Think I'll pass on Tekken Hybrid because of this, and then just wait for TTT2.

SonyNGP2841d ago

Gonna wait until the Super version is out.

2841d ago
Cereal2841d ago

That joke is even better the 30th time.


jeegee2841d ago

Woop! this is looking top banana!!!!!! cant wait for tekken x sf too! wonder how namco getting on with that??

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