Improvements To AI And Handling In F1 2011

Codemasters has completed changes for AI and handling improvements, allowing you to feel more involved with the car and giving you a lot more available mechanical grip on the corners.

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iamgoatman2834d ago

If F1 2011 still has the wildly inconsistent AI with randomly generated lap times during qualifying and practice, then they can keep the game.

F1 2010 was really good in most respects, handling etc but the AI sucked and whats the point of an F1 game when the other drivers feel like mindless drones.

mobijoker2834d ago

Ai was a pretty bad in f1 2010....Personal battles and aggressive a.i. Like the real life alonso or hamilton can take this game to a whole new level...and i think this game is still very short in terms of game mode variation...Gp2 or reliving the greatest races like schumacher-damon hill battle or racing with legends can be great additions to create more variations.